How mobile phones are democratising education | Guardian Sustainable Business | Guardian Professional

The ubiquity of mobile phones is providing a new low cost tool for teaching in some of the poorest communities.

The following programs are discussed:

  1. MobiLiteracy
  2. Dr. Math
  3. Worldreader
  4. MoMaths

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How to Become Your Dream Career |

What is a career? While many people use the words “job” and “career” interchangeably, the two have very different meanings. Throughout your life, you may hold various jobs starting, perhaps starting when you are in high school or earlier. Typically, people pursue just one career. A career is a journey, and something you will be committed to in the long term. It consists of different steps and, ideally, it is something that you feel is your calling. If you are a student ready to begin your higher education, or have held many different jobs and want to know how to make the switch to doing what you love, this career guide will be a great resource.

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One of the listed “Dream Careers” is a Librarian! SEE: How To Become a Librarian | Learn How To Become

Letters to a Young Librarian: So You Want to Be a Corporate Librarian?, by Leslie Howerton-Hicks

Like most corporate librarians I didn’t go to library school to become a soulless corporate drone joking, I am pretty sure I have a soul. My background is in archaeology and museum studies, and I have always been interested in the more specialized side of librarianship. I always envisioned myself in a universities special collection or a museum, not a corporation.

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Understanding Video Games [Free Course] | University of Alberta

Understanding Video Games is an 11-lesson course teaching a comprehensive overview of analytical theory pertaining to video game media. Video games are a globally entrenched entertainment medium that entertains, informs and challenges us. These games are defined by, and define our modern culture. In this course, students will learn how to study games and engage in informed discussions about them. Ultimately, this course is about understanding the literacy of video games.  Understanding Video Games was created with the help of world renowned video game developer, BioWare Corp, located in Edmonton, Alberta.

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When Library School Hands You Lemons | Hack Library School

Originally posted to HLS November 2013.

My library school experience has, I’m sad to say, handed me a bunch of lemons. There are the professors who aren’t as inspiring as I would prefer sorry, the journal articles that look like they weren’t proofread, the classes that are scheduled at times that are inconvenient for everyone. Including the instructor. And then there’s the fact that one of the classes I need for my specialization is offered only in the spring, and this spring it is offered at a time when I cannot take it for religious reasons probably NSFW, which is the biggest lemon of all. Meanwhile, I’m paying a not-insignificant amount for my education, so let’s talk about how to turn these lemons into lemonade.

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Fans Create Database of Over 200,000 Jeopardy Questions | Center for Data Innovation

Reddit users have created a machine-readable data set of over 200,000 Jeopardy questions. The data, which the dataset’s creators scraped from fan-created question repository J!-Archive, contains each question’s answer, along with category, dollar value, air date, and other data.

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10 free tools for creating infographics | Creative Bloq

For all the importance we place on text, its an indisputable fact that images are processed in the brain faster than words. Hence the rise and rise of the infographic which, at its best, transforms complex information into graphics that are both easy to grasp and visually appealing. The only problem is, infographics that look like they were simple to make are often anything but. Creating something beautiful and instantly understandable in Photoshop is often beyond the limits that time allows. Which is why its occasionally useful to use a quick and dirty infographics tool to speed up the process. We’ve selected our favourites here. They’re all free, or offer free versions.

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