Georgia Tech Uses #ArtificialIntelligence #AI to Crowdsource #Interactive #Fiction | GT #tech #crowdsourcing #storytelling #gaming #users

Georgia Institute of Technology researchers have developed a new artificially intelligent system that crowdsources plots for interactive stories, which are popular in video games and let players choose different branching story options. READ MORE: GT | Georgia Institute of Technology | News Center | Georgia Tech Uses Artificial Intelligence to Crowdsource Interactive Fiction

Scouring the Web to Make New #Words ‘Lookupable’ | TNYT #search #discovery #language #dictionaries #online #datascience @wordnik

Ms. McKean started a campaign last month on Kickstarter, the crowdfunding site, to unearth one million “missing” English words — words that are not currently found in traditional dictionaries. To locate the underdocumented expressions, she has engaged a pair of data scientists to scrape and analyze language used in online publications. Ms. McKean said she planned to incorporate the found words in, an online dictionary of which she is a co-founder…Before her analytics project gets underway next month, Ms. McKean is crowdsourcing a list of missing words for possible inclusion in Wordnik.

READ MORE: Scouring the Web to Make New Words ‘Lookupable’ | The New York Times

New Platform Makes #Content Of #Videos As Searchable As Text | Fast Company #search #discovery #curation #data #contextual #analysis #machinelearning

To make poorly labeled videos easier to discover, Manhattan-based video analysis startup Dextro is launching a platform that analyzes and tags the contents of publicly available videos, using algorithms to identify common scenes, objects, and speech. Mic, a news site aimed at millennials, has partnered with Dextro and will use the platform, called Sight, Sound & Motion (SSM), to discover newsworthy videos that may otherwise be difficult to find. READ MORE: This New Platform Makes The Contents Of Videos As Searchable As Text | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

Officials threaten to destroy a #LittleFreeLibrary in Texas | LA Times #LFL #libraries #free #books #community

More LFL in trouble…

Who would want to hurt a Little Free Library? Officials from the Department of Code Compliance in Dallas, that’s who. READ MORE: Officials threaten to destroy a Little Free Library in Texas | LA Times


Patrick Rothfuss’ The Name of the Wind to Be a Movie and TV Show | #film #adaptations #books #television #gaming #SciFi

Lionsgate has won a bidding war to adapt Patrick Rothfuss’ The Kingkiller Chronicle series! And not just into a movie, or a television series—but both, and a video game, to boot! This deal sets up the studio to develop the multiple stories from The Name of the Wind, The Wise Man’s Fear, and various novellas (including The Slow Regard of Silent Things) simultaneously and across multiple platforms. READ MORE: Patrick Rothfuss’ The Name of the Wind to Be a Movie and a TV Show |

The Most Popular #Romance #Novels of the Past Decade | BookBub Blog #books #HEA #reading #recommendations #list

No explanation is given on how this list was determined or the source for the “most popular” rankings. I definitely do not agree with all the selections!

Looking for a steamy, dreamy love story? Here are 23 most popular romance novels of the past decade. READ: The Most Popular Romance Novels of the Past Decade | BookBub Blog

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The Weird, Obsessive World of #Free DIY #Audiobooks | WIRED #LibriVox #publicdomain #books

I’VE SPENT THE past year with strange voices in my head. Soothing, rich-voiced, strangers intermittently whispering, crying, yelling, and practicing terrible accents in my ear. This is because I discovered the weird world of LibriVox, a charmingly scrappy DIY community site dedicated to creating free audiobooks for public domain texts. LibriVox is like Audible, the audiobook service owned by Amazon, except that every book is made for free by volunteers, and every book was published before 1923. A legion of volunteer readers—from professional stage actors to people practicing reading English as a second language—patiently, and sometimes not so patiently, inch through thousands of texts, posting the end results for free. READ MORE: The Weird, Obsessive World of Free DIY Audiobooks | WIRED

A Librarian’s Guide to #OER in the Maker Space | School Library Journal | #makerspaces #resources #tech #digital #libraries

OER Commons is a digital library where educators can find resources to develop, support and amplify their maker space practices. The site is searchable by subject, grade level or standard. Users can also filter results to include topics, such as activities and labs, games, videos, lesson plans, and interactive tools.


  • LEGO Robots
  • Hair and Snail Challenges
  • 3d Printing in the Classroom
  • Discover Engineering
  • High Tech Fashion
  • Maze Challenge
  • Construction and Destruction Using Castles and Catapults
  • What is a Robot?

READ MORE: A Librarian’s Guide to OER in the Maker Space | School Library Journal

Hands-On With the World’s First Flexible Wearable | WIRED #wearables #digital #tech #displays

PHIL INAGAKI DOESN’T like to call the Wove Band a smartwatch. The CEO and co-founder of flexible electronics company Polyera would rather call his team’s creation a “device” or a “digital canvas” than evoke the mental image of a wrist-worn timepiece. READ MORE: Hands-On With the World’s First Flexible Wearable | WIRED

Disney Has Invented #3D #Coloring #Books | Gizmodo #tech #kids #AR #augmented #art

With its Color Alive line, Crayola was the first company to merge coloring books and apps so kids could bring their on-page creations to life. But Disney Research is taking that idea one step further by letting kids see a coloring book character move in 3D while they’re still coloring it. It’s all made possible by a new augmented reality app that Disney Research has developed that’s able to track and capture real-time images from a mobile device’s camera, and then map them onto any 3D deformable surface. READ MORE: Disney Has Invented 3D Coloring Books | Gizmodo