300+ Followers, Quick Feedback Poll

With the blog reaching 300+ followers, I thought this would be a great opportunity for a quick feedback poll. News curation is a delicate balance. I’m sure many of you follow the same news sources I scan to repost to this blog. So when I’m scanning news items I always have in the back of my mind to post on average 5 to 10 items daily. I don’t want to spam your email inboxes, so anything over 15 posts is excessive in my mind and I try to avoid this. I overflow posts onto weekends when news becomes backlogged.

I also try to balance the types of daily posts across human interest, technology, librarianship, the MLIS and mentoring. This sometimes results in more dated news items and diversions being posted.

Here’s a quick poll asking the number of your daily post preferences. I also welcome any feedback you have, good or bad. So please leave your comments in the comment section below or email me via this contact form.