Seven Ways To Use GitHub That Aren’t Coding | ReadWrite

GitHub is so often touted as a tool for coding projects that it’s easy to forget just how useful a resource it is for everything else.

At the heart of GitHub are two collaborative functions—forking and branching—that aren’t exclusive to coding. Forking means to create a clone of somebody else’s work for remixing. Branching is a way for each person in a group to create a temporary clone for tandem editing, and then push those updates back to the group project again.

While many of GitHub’s capabilities require knowledge of Git…forking and branching can both be done with nothing more than a GitHub account and a few clicks. GitHub has the additional benefit of a liberal use policy, so you are in complete control of anything you upload there.

The 7 ways discussed:

  1. Travel Logging
  2. Musical Composition
  3. Remixing Recipes
  4. Open Source Font Editing
  5. Data Visualization For Journalists
  6. Writing and Blogging
  7. Legal Documents

Read: Seven Ways To Use GitHub That Aren’t Coding | ReadWrite.

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