GTA Technology Topics, Tips and Tricks: Pinterest

As an update to my prior post on Social Bookmarking, this post is dedicated to the new hot social media trend Pinterest (though it has been around since 2008).
Pinterest is a website of virtual inboards. From an LIS perspective, users “catalog” items and create visual collections by topic/interest/category.
Some may argue its an advertising tool to sell things and promote brands…I think Pinterest is a great tool to see what’s trending and popular.
Pinterest may have useful applications for libraries as discussed in these posts by the iLibrarian “5 Ways to Use Pinterest in Your Library” and “5 More Ways to Use Pinterest in You Library“.
Here’s an infographic for some Pinterest stats…one of which is that 97% of Pinterest’s Facebook fans are women! Apparently Pinterest has no revenue business model right now and is focused on growing the service.

Another Infographic: Is Pinterest The Next Social Commerce Game Changer?