A Study of the Champagne Industry Shows That Women Have Stronger Networks, and Profit from Them | HBR #gender #women #networks #business

From a broader context, our work highlights an unexpected consequence of discrimination. Specifically, when minority members are slighted by the majority, they might tend to turn to one another for social support, resulting in a network of informal relations that may (ironically) enable them to achieve better outcomes. For example, observers have noted that women are slowly making inroads in male-dominated markets such as technology entrepreneurship and private equity. READ MORE: A Study of the Champagne Industry Shows That Women Have Stronger Networks, and Profit from Them | HBR


We Need More Alternatives to Facebook | MIT Tech Review #socialmedia #news #business #intellectualfreedom #communication #community #privacy #society

Chastened by the negative effects of social media, Mark Zuckerberg says he will tweak his service and upgrade society in the process. Should any company be that powerful? READ MORE: We Need More Alternatives to Facebook – MIT Technology Review

How entrepreneurship librarians help campus accelerators grow | University Affairs #librarians #business #entrepreneur #careers #LIS

While academic librarians have supported campus start-ups and entrepreneurs since before the dot-com boom, the title “entrepreneurship librarian” is a relatively new one. When I started in that role at University of Toronto Library (UTL), St. George Campus, I was given a lot of freedom to define the role as I saw fit. I started by reaching out to the growing network of campus-linked accelerators formalized under the campus entrepreneurship office. READ MORE: How entrepreneurship librarians help campus accelerators grow | University Affairs

Embedded Business Librarianship | American Libraries Magazine #embedded #librarianship #careers #business #outreach #community #engagement

What exactly is an embedded business librarian? An embedded business librarian is a library professional who is rooted in the business community; a librarian who is part of the business community instead of separate from it, who strives to be an equal partner and have an equal voice. Small business owners, professionals, and job seekers see the embedded business librarian as a peer, colleague, and fellow business community member instead of an outsider who solely represents the library. READ MORE: Embedded Business Librarianship | American Libraries Magazine

Gamification, personalization and continued education trending in edtech | TechCrunch #edtech #education #gamification #personalization #trends

Using CrunchBase, I took a look at $5.5 billion invested in 450 edtech companies over the last three years. I’ve highlighted those in this landscape that exhibit the qualities of an amazing company: a great team, an amazing product and the potential for a huge impact. READ MORE: Gamification, personalization and continued education are trending in edtech | TechCrunch

How #BigData Might Change The Way You Find A #Job | FastCompany #employment #careers #search #workplaces #resources

CareerLabs uses big data to explore all aspects of a company, from maternity leave to morale, growth, and financial health…

…The way CareerLabs works is simple: You sign up for free (you can use a Facebook or a LinkedIn profile) and start browsing job listings aggregated from other online job boards. CareerLabs layers in data on companies’ financial health and growth prospects, compensation, health care, career progression, culture, and management, among other criteria, to show candidates as full a picture of the business and its staff as possible…

…CareerLabs currently tracks and monitors 70% of all U.S. companies, which amounts to over 22 million organizations, and gathered some 10 million data points. He says that though basic service is free, subscription packages offer more filtering tools… READ MORE: How Big Data Might Change The Way You Find A Job | FastCompany

What You Need to Know to Be Culturally Literate in 2016 | WIRED #science #culture #security #business #design #knowledge #literacy

THERE ARE LOTS of things they don’t teach you in school. How to mesh music with technology, the way Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre have managed to do. How to navigate a post-Snowden security landscape. Why Ebola can help us fight other diseases. When it comes to living in the here and now, your education is incomplete. Good news: We’re about to school you. We’ve assembled the ultimate cheat sheet for the worlds of security and government, business, science, design, and culture. You’ll learn about the core people and concepts, as well as the go-to Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr feeds that you absolutely must follow. Welcome to your crash seminar in the present. Feel free to take notes. READ MORE: What You Need to Know to Be Culturally Literate in 2016 | WIRED

5 Ways #Women Can Help Women Succeed in the #Workplace | Mashable #business #genderequality

It’s a tough climb to the c-suite — especially for women. Women make up only 4.6% of CEOs in S&P 500 companies, according to 2015 numbers from advocacy group Catalyst. Women accounted for only 3.3% of CEOs in the top 100 companies in Silicon Valley in 2014, according to numbers from Fenwick. It’s not as though these companies have a small pool of women to choose from. In fact, women make up 45% of the labor force in S&P 500 companies. But that percentage dwindles on each step of the corporate ladder, meaning that there are fewer female candidates in the pipeline when it comes time to name a new manager, board member, or executive. And that’s ultimately bad business for companies.

One Massachusetts Institute of Technology study found that an even gender split increased a company’s revenue by 41%, and a Catalyst study found that companies with more women on their boards performed better when it came to sales, equity, and invested capital. In short: more women at the top can lead to better business. READ MORE: 5 ways women can help women succeed in the workplace | Mashable

Yves Morieux: How Too Many Rules at #Work Keep You From #GTD | TED.com #productivity #business

Modern work — from waiting tables to crunching numbers to designing products — is about solving brand-new problems every day, flexibly and collaboratively. But as Yves Morieux shows in this insightful talk, too often, an overload of rules, processes and metrics keeps us from doing our best work together. Meet the new frontier of productivity: cooperation.

35 #Habits That Make #Employees Extremely Valuable | Inc.com #business #workplaces #softskills #EQ

Every employer wants employees who contribute to the overall success of the company. Here’s how the best bring long-term ROI. READ MORE: 35 Habits That Make Employees Extremely Valuable | Inc.com.

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