100 Must-Read Books by #Asian Authors | BookRiot #books #reading #recommendations #readersadvisory

Contrary to popular opinion, Asia is not a monolith, and our literature is as diverse as our personal histories. With nearly 50 countries, and thousands of different cultures at hand, an incredible range of Asian writers and stories can be found to delight all kinds of readers. I’ve focused this list on Asian characters as written by Asian authors, setting out to include as many genres as I can. Read: 100 Must-Read Books by Asian Authors | BookRiot

Scientists Discover That James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake Has an Amazingly Mathematical Multifractal Structure | Open Culture #literature #books #math #analysis

Source: Scientists Discover That James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake Has an Amazingly Mathematical “Multifractal” Structure | Open Culture

Short Story Vending Machine Promises Old-School Distractions | Engadget #reading #fiction #stories #storytelling #format #tech #selfserve #literature #free

In the French city of Grenoble, there are unusual vending machines that don’t dispense soda or snacks — they print out short stories that look like paper receipts instead. These machines were built by a publishing company called Short Édition, which placed eight of them in public locations (such as the city hall and libraries) as part of a pilot project. Each dispenser has 1-minute, 3-minute and 5-minute buttons, so readers can choose how long their stories are, all of which were written by members of the Short Édition community. SOURCE: Short story vending machine promises old-school distractions | Engadget

The First Great Works of #Digital #Literature are Already Being Written | The Guardian #gaming #video #storytelling #art #tech

Video games could be the greatest storytelling medium of our age – if only the worlds of art and technology would stop arguing and take notice…READ MORE: The first great works of digital literature are already being written | Technology | The Guardian

A College Curriculum on Your Bookshelf: 50 #Books for 50 Classes | Flavorwire #education #reading #courses

It’s officially back-to-school time, and we all know what that means: sitting in class, writing papers, getting sweet knowledge delivery before running off to the latest kegger. But what about a more practical method of study? Yes, in this case I am using the word “practical” to describe reading literature. What follows is a list of college courses (plucked or adapted from the course catalogs of actual institutions of higher learning) and works of literature that you might read to replicate the experience of taking them. READ MORE: A College Curriculum on Your Bookshelf: 50 Books for 50 Classes | Flavorwire

What the hell is ‘Olive Kitteredge’ and why did it win all the Emmys? | Mashable #adaptations #books #awards

HBO’s miniseries Olive Kitteredge won six Emmys on Sunday night, leaving many confused viewers asking, “What is Olive Kitteredge?” READ: What the hell is ‘Olive Kitteredge’ and why did it win all the Emmys? | Mashable

A 17-Year-Old Artist Created This Incredible #Map Of #Literature | BuzzFeed #maps #books #art #culture

Martin Vargic is a 17-year-old artist from Slovakia who specialises in creating intricate maps drawn from modern data and pop culture. READ MORE: A 17-Year-Old Artist Created This Incredible Map Of Literature | BuzzFeed

Haruki Murakami’s Agony Uncle Answers Become Eight-Volume Book | The Guardian #books #ebooks #Q&A #AMA #authors

Bestselling Japanese novelist’s responses to readers’ queries published as a lengthy ebook, with an abridged version available in print. READ MORE: Haruki Murakami’s agony uncle answers become eight-volume book | Books | The Guardian

53 #Books That Will Definitely Make You Cry | BuzzFeed #reading #fiction

We recently asked subscribers of the BuzzFeed Books newsletter to tell us about a book that would definitely make us cry. They gave us a lot to choose from, so take your pick — and maybe grab some tissues, too. READ MORE: 53 Books That Will Definitely Make You Cry | BuzzFeed

Women’s Groups and the Rise of the #BookClub | JSTOR #books #reading #women

Since 1989, leisure reading groups have become a full-fledged phenomenon and are now found everywhere from offices to religious communities to, increasingly, virtual platforms. Although exact numbers are hard to come by, the New York Times reports an estimated 5 million Americans belong to a book club. Even more belong to online reading groups like those housed on the popular site goodreads.com, which has 40 million members. Large-scale book clubs even have the power to influence the publishing market. When Mark Zuckerberg announced in January he was starting an online reading group humbly titled A Year of Books, his first pick shot up amazon.com’s sales list, surging overnight from 45,140 to the top 10. The public, it seems, has fully embraced book club culture.

Or, at least, a certain demographic has. The population of in-person book clubs skews heavily toward college-educated women, and a large proportion of these groups are single-sex, either by default or design. READ MORE: Women’s Groups and the Rise of the Book Club | JSTOR Daily.