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I am an infophile. I post on only the most cool, must read, must know, unique and worthy news and resources related to digital literacy, eLearning, emerging and innovative technologies, librarianship, mentoring, and the MLIS.

This website was previously known as The Modern MLIS. The name changed to “infophile” on March 29, 2014. The new name aligns with being an established information services professional, rather than the library and information services student I was when I first started blogging. Earlier posts on this blog were reposted from a personal blog and emails to a graduate student listserv.


Information management and data analysis – Organization of shared files and administration of integrated library systems. Analyzing and interpreting data from primary and secondary sources. Managing a data dictionary. Instituting information and data management conventions.

Content management, information architecture, web development and web design for usability – Over 10 years of experience administering web content and creating content with Drupal, SharePoint and WordPress content management systems. Conducted web usability studies collaboratively for FirstEnergy Capital Corp.’s internal and external websites. Developed web-based solutions to deliver content to clients. Redesigned and enhanced Drupal websites for the Forum for Information Professionals non-profit group and the Library and Information Studies Student Association. Created digital libraries using Greenstone. Developed databases primarily using Microsoft Access and FileMaker.

Business development support, library services, and research and reference services – Assisting business development activities for economic development; news curation and social media monitoring; answering in-depth research and reference requests; assisting with document delivery and inter-library loans; onsite and offsite collection management; cataloging new acquisitions and electronic resources; and, administration of integrated library systems.

Desktop publishing and editing – Over 7 years of experience creating and editing content for use in print and on the web. Over 7 years experience editing and publishing financial reports, conference presentations and marketing materials.

Taxonomy development – Developed term lists, controlled vocabularies and taxonomies for use in SharePoint enterprise content management (ECM) systems at Talisman Energy Inc. Knowledge of ANSI/NISO Z39.19 (Guidelines for the Construction, Format, and Management of Monolingual Controlled Vocabularies).

Instructing, training and supervising – Held educational and help sessions for graduate students at the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta. Presented the Technology Orientation to incoming students and assisted faculty with technology labs. Experience as a supervisor, trainer and mentor to employees at FirstEnergy Capital Corp.

Event coordination, committee participation and volunteerism – Successfully developed, coordinated, and implemented events, including the 2012 Forum for Information Professionals and numerous department events for FirstEnergy Capital Corp. Ongoing CoderDojo and Computer Technology Coach volunteer for the Calgary Public Library.


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last updated April 2, 2016

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