Google’s “We Wear Culture” project is a stunning, searchable archive of 3,000 years of world fashion | Quartz #databases #digitallibraries #archives #fashion #culture

Google’s latest project may be the most widely accessible and comprehensive fashion collection on the planet. All you need to view it is an internet connection.

“We Wear Culture” is a collaboration between Google and more than 180 museums, schools, fashion institutions, and other organizations from all parts of the globe. It’s part of Google’s Arts & Culture platform, which is digitizing the world’s cultural treasures, and functions as a searchable guide to a collective archive of some 30,000 fashion pieces that puts “three millennia of fashion at your fingertips,” Google says.

But it isn’t just a database. Google has worked with curators to create more than 450 exhibits on different topics—say, how the cheongsam changed the way Chinese women dress—making the site an endlessly entertaining, educational portal filled with stunning imagery touching on everything from modern Japanese streetwear to the clothes worn at the court of Versailles. READ MORE: Google’s “We Wear Culture” project is a stunning, searchable archive of 3,000 years of world fashion |  Quartz

1.8 Million Free Works of Art from World-Class #Museums: A Meta List of Great #Art #Collections Online | Open Culture #culture #digital

Since the first stirrings of the internet, artists and curators have puzzled over what the fluidity of online space would do to the experience of viewing works of art…online galleries have long been “making works of art widely available, introducing new forms of perception in film and photography and allowing art to move from private to public, from the elite to the masses.” The vast collections in the virtual galleries listed await your visit: 1.8 Million Free Works of Art from World-Class Museums: A Meta List of Great Art Available Online | Open Culture

Don’t panic! ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide’ tech jumps off page into reality | CNET #books #tech #scifi #libraryfun #culture

As Douglas Adams fans the world over celebrate Towel Day, it’s become clear that once-futuristic items from the author’s beloved book series are now part of our everyday lives. READ MORE: Don’t panic! ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide’ tech jumps off the page into reality – CNET

Michael Kimmel: Why #gender #equality is good for everyone — #men included | #women #society #culture #feminism

Yes, we all know it’s the right thing to do. But Michael Kimmel makes the surprising, funny, practical case for treating men and women equally in the workplace and at home. It’s not a zero-sum game, but a win-win that will result in more opportunity and more happiness for everybody. Source: Why gender equality is good for everyone — men included |

Gregory Heyworth: How I’m discovering the secrets of ancient #texts | #historical #manuscripts #maps #libraries #tech #culture

Gregory Heyworth is a textual scientist; he and his lab work on new ways to read ancient manuscripts and maps using spectral imaging technology. In this fascinating talk, watch as Heyworth shines a light on lost history, deciphering texts that haven’t been read in thousands of years. How could these lost classics rewrite what we know about the past? Source: Gregory Heyworth: How I’m discovering the secrets of ancient texts |

How #BigData Might Change The Way You Find A #Job | FastCompany #employment #careers #search #workplaces #resources

CareerLabs uses big data to explore all aspects of a company, from maternity leave to morale, growth, and financial health…

…The way CareerLabs works is simple: You sign up for free (you can use a Facebook or a LinkedIn profile) and start browsing job listings aggregated from other online job boards. CareerLabs layers in data on companies’ financial health and growth prospects, compensation, health care, career progression, culture, and management, among other criteria, to show candidates as full a picture of the business and its staff as possible…

…CareerLabs currently tracks and monitors 70% of all U.S. companies, which amounts to over 22 million organizations, and gathered some 10 million data points. He says that though basic service is free, subscription packages offer more filtering tools… READ MORE: How Big Data Might Change The Way You Find A Job | FastCompany

Video Games Have a #Diversity Problem that Runs Deeper than #Race or #Gender | The Guardian #tech #gaming #genres

Blockbuster releases are homogenising around a narrow range of experiences and it could be driving creative people out of the industry. READ: Video games have a diversity problem that runs deeper than race or gender | Technology | The Guardian

What You Need to Know to Be Culturally Literate in 2016 | WIRED #science #culture #security #business #design #knowledge #literacy

THERE ARE LOTS of things they don’t teach you in school. How to mesh music with technology, the way Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre have managed to do. How to navigate a post-Snowden security landscape. Why Ebola can help us fight other diseases. When it comes to living in the here and now, your education is incomplete. Good news: We’re about to school you. We’ve assembled the ultimate cheat sheet for the worlds of security and government, business, science, design, and culture. You’ll learn about the core people and concepts, as well as the go-to Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr feeds that you absolutely must follow. Welcome to your crash seminar in the present. Feel free to take notes. READ MORE: What You Need to Know to Be Culturally Literate in 2016 | WIRED

A 17-Year-Old Artist Created This Incredible #Map Of #Literature | BuzzFeed #maps #books #art #culture

Martin Vargic is a 17-year-old artist from Slovakia who specialises in creating intricate maps drawn from modern data and pop culture. READ MORE: A 17-Year-Old Artist Created This Incredible Map Of Literature | BuzzFeed

U.S. #DHS and Local #Governments Cracking Down on #Libraries | #email #privacy #intellectualfreedom #community #LittleFreeLibrary #WTF

First Library to Offer Anonymous Web Browsing Stops Under DHS Pressure | Gizmodo
A library in a small New Hampshire town started to help Internet users around the world surf anonymously using Tor. Until the Department of Homeland Security raised a red flag.

Local Governments Crack Down On The Monstrous Evil of Tiny Free Lending Libraries | io9
It’s good to know that people are focusing on what’s really important. Local governments in a few different U.S. cities and towns have looked past the problems of homelessness, crumbling city services and displacement, to tackle the real crisis: people are putting up tiny “take a book, leave a book” libraries. This is clearly a major crisis in our culture, and one that can only be addressed by the full busy-bodiness of local busybodies.