Ultimate @Linkedin Cheat Sheet | Leisure Jobs #tips #networking #LinkedIn #socialmedia

Our ultimate Linkedin cheat sheet will help you quickly create the perfect Linkedin profile, maximise your online visibility, build your contact list or get contacted about a new job. Whether you’re looking for slight improvements or starting from the beginning we’ve got you covered! READ MORE: The ultimate Linkedin cheat sheet | Leisure Jobs

The ultimate Linkedin cheat sheet

ultimate Linkedin cheat sheet

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Why Aren’t There More #Women in #Tech? | Next Generation #infographics #genderdiversity #STEM #employment #sexism #equality

Women are under-represented in the tech sector. Not only that, but they’re underpaid, often passed for promotions and faced with every day sexism. It’s no wonder women are more likely to leave the industry within a year compared to their male counterparts. MORE: Why Aren’t There More Women in Tech? | Next Generation

The 69 Rules of #Punctuation | Electric Literature #infographics #writing #grammar

This handy infographic from Curtis Newbold reduces the rules of proper punctuation to a series of color-coded blurbs. Even the most hard-boiled grammar delinquent is sure to get the message. INFOGRAPHIC: The 69 Rules of Punctuation | Electric Literature

#Infographic: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About #Fonts | The Digital Reader #typefaces #typography

As you can see in the following infographic from Cartridge Discount, fonts used for the web differ from ones designed for print. This graphic also explains the difference between serif and sans serif, and how most people have been mistakenly using the word “font” when writing online about “typefaces”. via Infographic: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Fonts | The Digital Reader.

For more information about fonts also see the infophile.ca resource Typography and Type Design.

Feast Your Eyes on This Beautiful Linguistic Family Tree | Mental Floss #languages #linguistics

When linguists talk about the historical relationship between languages, they use a tree metaphor. An ancient source (say, Indo-European) has various branches (e.g., Romance, Germanic), which themselves have branches (West Germanic, North Germanic), which feed into specific languages (Swedish, Danish, Norwegian). Lessons on language families are often illustrated with a simple tree diagram that has all the information but lacks imagination. There’s no reason linguistics has to be so visually uninspiring. Minna Sundberg, creator of the webcomic Stand Still. Stay Silent, a story set in a lushly imagined post-apocalyptic Nordic world, has drawn the antidote to the boring linguistic tree diagram.

READ MORE: Feast Your Eyes on This Beautiful Linguistic Family Tree | Mental Floss.

Periodic Table of #Wearable #Tech | APX Labs #business

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We got rid of lanthanides and noble gasses and replaced them with the 118 essential elements of enterprise wearable tech.


Our updated periodic table groups and defines the main capabilities that businesses are using today to build and harness a connected workforce. Individually they are powerful, but when you combine them together they create solutions that are impossible to deliver in any other way. Just about every large business will need all of these capabilities at some point.

via Periodic Table of Wearable Tech | APX Labs

How to Conduct a [U.S.] Patent Search to Make Sure Your Brilliant Invention Doesn’t Already Exist (Infographic) | Entrepreneur #patents

Check out the infographic below for a crash course in how to conduct a [U.S.] patent search, and to figure out if you should even seek a patent at all. Good luck! We’re crossing our fingers for you. MORE: How to Conduct a Patent Search to Make Sure Your Brilliant Invention Doesn’t Already Exist (Infographic) | Entrepreneur

Watch What You Post on Social Media [Infographic] | Jobvite #recruiting #socialmedia

Heads up, Job Seekers: Data from our Social Recruiting Survey makes it clear that recruiters are inspecting your profiles, posts, and tweets. Are you broadcasting something that turns employers off?

Take a look at our new infographic below to learn what types of posts recruiters consider to be red flags. You’ll also see where they’re most likely to look you up, and what profile details matter most. via Jobvite Infographic: Watch What You Post on Social Media.

The Best Books of 2014 – The Ultimate List [Infographic] | BookBub Blog

Of all the books published over the last 12 months, which were the very best? We wanted to get a sense of the consensus, so we aggregated 23 different Best of 2014 lists — from The Washington Post to Library Journal to Buzzfeed and more. Then we compiled rankings based on the number of times each books was listed.

Below you’ll find an infographic that highlights the top-ranked books.  (We created separate infographics for books in the romance, mystery & thriller, business, young adult, and nonfiction categories.) We hope you find some great new books on these lists — we certainly did! via The Best Books of 2014 | The Ultimate List | BookBub Blog

JPEG, GIF, & PNG: Know Your File Types | Who Is Hosting This?

Trying to save space on image files? It can be tough to know exactly which filetype is the best to use. If you save your image as the wrong type, you could end up blurring a beautiful photo, losing all the detail of your logo, or turning a transparent background black.

If you’d like to know exactly which is the perfect image filetype to use for which images, and save a lot of space and bandwidth in the process while maintaining a quality image, check out the handy reference below for the facts.

via JPEG, GIF, & PNG: Know Your File Types | Who Is Hosting This?