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British people’s secret confessions are being displayed in a train station | Mashable
The deepest fears and emotional confessions of strangers are being anonymously displayed at a busy train station in the south of England. “The Waiting Wall” allows commuters travelling through Brighton train station to submit anonymous confessions that are then projected onto a large screen for fellow passengers to read. The display is running from September 21 to September 27 as part of Brighton digital festival.

9 Innovative Methods for Modern Storytelling | Mashable
When an author set out to tell a story in years past, he or she typically did so on paper, a typewriter or by typing at a computer.

But today, storytellers find imaginative ways to share their ideas with interactive and visual elements. On modern mediums like Twitter, Vine, YouTube and other mobile applications, storytellers are crafting tales in ways that would have been unfathomable a decade ago. Offline, too, authors have begun rethinking the traditional concept of the book in ways both innovative and unorthodox.

Storytelling In The Digital Media Age | TechCrunch
Recent studies have shown that attention spans for millennials – those who have grown up in a digital world – are 60 percent shorter than previous generations when it comes to media. They’ve essentially emerged from birth staring at smartphones and tablet computers – with endless entertainment options just a screen away. As this attention span continues to shrink, brands must identify new ways to break through the clutter and establish meaningful emotional connections with their audiences.


Periodic Table of #Wearable #Tech | APX Labs #business

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We got rid of lanthanides and noble gasses and replaced them with the 118 essential elements of enterprise wearable tech.


Our updated periodic table groups and defines the main capabilities that businesses are using today to build and harness a connected workforce. Individually they are powerful, but when you combine them together they create solutions that are impossible to deliver in any other way. Just about every large business will need all of these capabilities at some point.

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Learn About the Internet of Things with This Interactive Visualization | LifeHacker #IoT #InternetofThings @infobeautiful

If you’re still trying to wrap your head around what the “Internet of Things” is, this data visualization makes things easy to understand and is fun to explore.

The visualization, from the team at Information is Beautiful, does a great job of explaining what the Internet of Things is, what it can and will affect, who the major players are, and even provides some eye-opening statistics regarding the direction we’re all headed with technology. Additionally, it mentions some of the challenges facing our “always connected” world. You can check it out at the link.

The Internet of Things | Information is Beautiful

via Learn About the Internet of Things with This Interactive Visualization | LifeHacker

How One Woman Grappled With Grief Through Gaming | Mashable

Ramona Pringle’s life was like a sitcom — one of those cheesy, too-good-to-be-true shows about finding love and success in the big city.

She had a good job at Frontline; a number of smart, successful friends; and a boyfriend — “a fantastic one!” — whom she planned to marry. Things were perfect.

With a quick roll of the dice, though, everything changed. Her mother was diagnosed with a life-changing illness, and Pringle left her job in New York and moved back home to Toronto to take care of her. A week later, Pringle’s boyfriend broke up with her.

The dream, the city, the perfect life — gone in a flash.

“It was absolute rock bottom,” she says. ” Here I was, back in my childhood bedroom — and it was so quiet. It was so eerily quiet Here I was, back in my childhood bedroom — and it was so quiet. It was so eerily quiet.”

It was the type of situation in which some might turn to alcohol, drugs or even religion to cope. Pringle was looking for some kind — any kind — of answer. But her mother was sick, and she needed to be with her. Leaving wasn’t an option.

“People get these ‘pilgrimage moments,’ you know? When something happens to them and they trek across Europe or India in search of some kind of wisdom,” she says. “I couldn’t do that.”

Instead, she turned to the virtual realm of World of Warcraft (WoW), where she found an unexpected community of support and camaraderie. She was so inspired that she went to work on an interactive documentary, Avatar Secrets, about the lessons she learned. It’s set to be released in the spring of 2014.

A really inspiring story. I think many of us can empathize with her dramatic change in circumstances directing her life down a completely different path. The content above is only half the story…read more following the linkHow One Woman Grappled With Grief Through Gaming | Mashable.

A Future Internet Might Not Use Servers | Gizmodo

You’d think that given how pervasive the internet is, we’d be stuck with the fundamental architecture it uses: servers that many devices connect to for their information fix. But a team of Cambridge University scientists wants to shake things up—and remove servers altogether.

A project named Pursuit aims to make the internet faster, safer and more social by implementing a completely new architecture. The system does away with the need for computers to connect directly to servers, instead having individual computers being able to copy and re-publish content on receipt. That would allow other computers to access data—or, at least, fragments of data—from many locations at once.

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Abha Dawesar: Life in the “digital now” |

One year ago, Abha Dawesar was living in blacked-out Manhattan post-Sandy, scrounging for power to connect. As a novelist, she was struck by this metaphor: Have our lives now become fixated on the drive to digitally connect, while we miss out on what’s real?

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Libraries Play A Central Role in Connected Learning | The Digital Shift

The Internet offers today’s youth unprecedented opportunities to connect with peers and seek knowledge in almost any area of interest—and libraries are uniquely positioned to play a central role in this learning, according to Mimi Ito, professor and cultural anthropologist at the University of California, Irvine, and principal investigator for Connected Learning, a new education model funded by the MacArthur Foundation’s Digital Media and Learning Initiative.

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