A Future Internet Might Not Use Servers | Gizmodo

You’d think that given how pervasive the internet is, we’d be stuck with the fundamental architecture it uses: servers that many devices connect to for their information fix. But a team of Cambridge University scientists wants to shake things up—and remove servers altogether.

A project named Pursuit aims to make the internet faster, safer and more social by implementing a completely new architecture. The system does away with the need for computers to connect directly to servers, instead having individual computers being able to copy and re-publish content on receipt. That would allow other computers to access data—or, at least, fragments of data—from many locations at once.

Read: A Future Internet Might Not Use Servers | Gizmodo.

Detailed Guide for Download: How To Successfully Produce A Professional Grade Webinar, Webcast, or Teleconference | Jeremiah Owyang

Master the Ten P’s, and notice that steps one through seven are actually before the actual webinar performance. The Ten Ps include: 1) Philosophy, 2) Purpose, 3) Planning, 4) Professionals, 5) Programming of Content, 6) Promotion, 7) Preparation and Practice, 8) Performance “Showtime”, 9) Pursuit, 10) Post Mortem via Detailed Guide for Download: How To Successfully Produce A Professional Grade Webinar, Webcast, or Teleconference (The Ten P’s) | Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang | Social Media, Web Marketing.

Webinar Guide

Collection of Links: User Experience

Two of the LIS courses I took this winter were Information Architecture: Web Design for Usability and Emerging & Evolving Technologies. Both courses reviewed at some point usability and the user experience. Although one may think of websites or applications first when discussing usability and/or the user experience, the concept can be applied to any space or thing. There is a lot of choice out there for consumers – companies and organizations can improve the user experience to generate loyalty and increase brand awareness.

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Mashable: The Ultimate Digital Customer Service Guide

The Ultimate Digital Customer Service Guide

Some of the tips in these articles can be applied to library and information services professions, such as number eight “14 Community-Driven Tips for Better Customer Relationships.”