Top 10 #Emerging #Tech of 2016 | KurzweilAI #trends #nano #solar #blockchain #OpenAI #syntheticbio #optogenetics #organs #selfdriving #graphene #energystorage

The World Economic Forum’s annual list of this year’s breakthrough technologies, published today, includes “socially aware” openAI, grid-scale energy storage, perovskite solar cells, and other technologies with the potential to “transform industries, improve lives, and safeguard the planet.” READ MORE: The top 10 emerging technologies of 2016 | KurzweilAI

The Untold Story of Magic Leap, the World’s Most Secretive Startup | WIRED #VR #virtualreality #AR #augmentedreality #mixedreality #MR #tech

In depth, informative long form post on all aspects of AR, MR, VR and Magic Leap.

Virtual reality is posed to become a fundamental technology, and outfits like Magic Leap have an opportunity to become some of the largest companies ever. READ: The Untold Story of Magic Leap, the World’s Most Secretive Startup | WIRED

Bots, Block Chain, and Beacons Hot Topics at LITA #Tech #Trends Panel | ALA Midwinter 2016 #librarianship #libraries #LIS #information

Good post to review current and on the horizon technology trends in information services, including trends I have not heard of yet such as praxis and block chain potential.

READ: Bots, Block Chain, and Beacons Hot Topics at LITA Tech Trends Panel | ALA Midwinter 2016

The #Future Of #Libraries Is Collaborative, Robotic, And Participatory | FastCompany #learning #community #collaboration #technology

To look at the state of many libraries after the recession, facing cuts and closures and fundamental questions about “relevance,” you could be forgiven for being gloomy about their future. But gloomy is not the predominant tone of a terrific new report from Arup, the well-regarded design consultancy. It shows that some libraries, at least, are undergoing a “renaissance,” and that the future could be good for others. Arup organized workshops in four cities, bringing together a range of people interested in libraries. The report collects ideas from existing projects, as well as ideas for future spaces. There are four main themes…READ MORE: The Future Of Libraries Is Collaborative, Robotic, And Participatory | FastCompany

NMC Horizon #Report: 2015 Library Edition | #libraries #emerging #trends #tech

What is on the five-year horizon for academic and research libraries? The NMC Horizon Report: 2015 Library Edition examines key trends, significant challenges, and important developments in technology for their impact on academic and research libraries worldwide. via NMC Horizon Report: 2015 Library Edition | 

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via NMC Horizon Report: 2015 Library Edition | YouTube.

16 #Trends That Will Define The Future Of #VideoGames | The Guardian #gaming #tech

Super-interesting! If you are a fan of coding camps and makerspaces this would be a good article to read to get an idea of what’s on the horizon in gaming development, gaming innovations and interactive/social gaming.

From the rise of gamer parents to transparent game design, a step-by-step prediction of how games will be made over the next five years. READ: 16 trends that will define the future of video games | Technology | The Guardian

Researchers in Japan Show off Super Fast Laser #Holograms You Can Touch | Mashable #lasers #tech #holographics

The dream of being able to touch and interact with holograms was the subject of many science fiction stories, but a lab in Japan has actually accomplished the feat.

Unlike the fictional holodeck on Star Trek, which used force fields to create a sense of touch, researchers at Japan’s Digital Nature Group used a different method: femtosecond lasers.

READ MORE: Researchers in Japan show off super fast laser holograms you can touch | Mashable

Researchers Demonstrate ‘No-Ink’ Color Printing with Nanomaterials | KurzweilAI #nano

Image Credit: Missouri University of Science and Technology

Researchers at Missouri University of Science and Technology have developed a “no-ink” color printing process using nanomaterials, with features visible only with the aid of a high-powered electron microscope.

READ MORE: Researchers demonstrate ‘no-ink’ color printing with nanomaterials | KurzweilAI.

Parrot Unveils 13 New Minidrones to Tackle Air, Sea and Land | Engadget #drones

Well, here’s a fun surprise! Parrot has just revealed a pile of inexpensive new minidrones, 13 in all, including one that tackles a new medium: water. That hybrid UAV/Boat is called the Hydrofoil Drone, and is joined by a couple of new ‘Jumping’ drones and a new flying model, the ‘Airborne.’ Parrot chose to reveal all these new models, which cost a maximum of €200, on its French site and nowhere else, though it recently scheduled a UK event to launch them on July 2nd. We have all the details (and videos) for the new products now, however, so let’s, um, dive in! READ MORE: Parrot unveils 13 new minidrones to tackle air, sea and land | Engadget

Why Web Design is Dead | UX Magazine @UXMag #UX #webdesign

Web design is (finally!) dying of irrelevance. Web pages themselves are no longer the center of the Internet experience, which is why designers need to move on to the next challenges—products and ecosystems—if they want to stay relevant.

Web design has no future—a risky statement I know, but this article explains why it has no future and what we, as designers, can do about it. As a discipline, web design has already exhausted its possibilities, an emerging combination of tech and cultural trends highlight the need for a broader approach.

READ MORE: Why Web Design is Dead | UX Magazine