Steven Soderbergh’s New App [Mosaic] Will Change How You Watch TV | WIRED #storytelling #interactive #film #TV #miniseries #tech #mobile #apps

STEVEN Soderbergh’s latest project—an interactive smartphone app called Mosaic…contains a 7-plus-hour miniseries about a mysterious death, but…viewers have some agency over what order they watch it in and which characters’ stories they follow. READ MORE: Steven Soderbergh’s New App Will Change How You Watch TV | WIRED

Watson helped make a trailer for a horror movie about AI | engadget #AI #film #IBMWatson

IBM Watson can add yet another skill to its resume: the ability to make movie trailers. 20th Century Fox has tapped into the supercomputer’s powers to create the first AI-made trailer for its upcoming thriller film Morgan. It’s a fitting start for Watson’s trailer-making career. Morgan is, after all, a sci-fi flick about a group of scientists who created a humanoid machine that rapidly gained capabilities and went out of control. READ MORE: Watson helped make a trailer for a horror movie about AI | engadget

You People Wouldn’t Believe the Type Design in Blade Runner | WIRED #typefaces #fonts #typedesign #typography #film #OCD #subjectmatterexpert

DAVE ADDEY DOESN’T just watch movies. He dissects them.

Addey is the creator of Typeset In The Future, a website devoted entirely to fonts in science fiction. Why yes, it is a bastion of gloriously esoteric nerdery. It all began when Addey, a lifelong science fiction fan, started noticing the same font in every movie he watched: Eurostile Bold Extended… READ MORE: You People Wouldn’t Believe the Type Design in Blade Runner | WIRED

#Maps Film and TV Show Locations | BusinessInsider + City Sound Maps | Gizmodo + 67,000 Historic Maps | Open Culture

Film and TV show locations around the world | Business Insider
[I]nteractive map shows you where your favourite films and TV shows were filmed — including ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Game of Thrones.’

Beautiful Maps Let You Explore How Your City Sounds | Gizmodo
The urban aural landscape has a huge impact on our lives—from the roar of traffic and clatter of jackhammer, to the groove of music and lullaby of birdsong. These maps roll that information together to let you explore how cities around the world sound.

Download 67,000 Historic Maps (in High Resolution) from the Wonderful David Rumsey Map Collection | Open Culture
The historical map collection has over 67,000 maps and images online. The collection includes rare 16th through 21st century maps of America, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Pacific and the World.

There’s also a new feature for many maps called “Georeferencing,” which matches the map’s contours with other historic maps or with more accurate, modern satellite images.


#Shakespeare | Are these the 10 best Screen Adaptations? | Guardian + 10 Film Adaptations You Haven’t Seen | Flavorwire

The last Shakespeare adaptation I watched was Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing. I thought the modern interpretation was cleverly done with the limited financial and production resources with which it was filmed. Waiting to borrow Fassbender’s Macbeth from my local library. Excited to finally watch. I’ve always been impressed with Fassbender’s…ahem…presence.

Are these the 10 best Shakespeare screen adaptations? READ: Are these the 10 best Shakespeare screen adaptations? | Stage | The Guardian  + The 10 Best Faithful Shakespeare Adaptations on Film | Flavorwire

There are countless stage and screen adaptations of the playwright’s oeuvre, but we’re highlighting some of the underappreciated and little-known movies inspired by the English writer. READ: 10 Shakespeare Film Adaptations You Haven’t Seen | Flavorwire




Reese Witherspoon’s New Role: Power Broker | WSJ #books #reading #recommendations #adaptations #film #broadcasting #fiction #nonfiction #feminism

The actress has emerged as one of Hollywood’s most influential literary tastemakers in the book-to-screen business.. READ: Reese Witherspoon’s New Role: Power Broker | WSJ

The Martian, Sherlock Holmes, and why we love competence porn | Ars Technica #skills #fiction #characters #film #TV #storytelling #competence

My adds are Olivia Benson from Law & Order: SVU and Annalise Keating from How to Get Away with Murder. MacGyver is a classic! I need to binge-watch…

We’re rooting for the smartest, most rational characters in the room. The best part of The Martian isn’t the breathtaking rescue, nor the awe-inspiring dust storm. It’s watching Mark Watney grow potatoes. Instead of freaking out over his imminent doom, Mark calmly figures how to grow plants in the Martian regolith by fertilizing them with his own poop, and watering them with a DIY device that makes water by heating hydrogen from his leftover rocket fuel, and combining it with oxygen from the Hab environment.

Mark makes The Martian a classic of competence porn by always coming up with a hackerish solution to every problem, just like James Bond or Ellen Ripley with her exoskeleton in Aliens. And he’s not the only competence porn star burning up our monitors right now. From Sherlock to The Americans, competence porn is filling us with the satisfaction that comes from watching people attack problems with brains and cunning rather than fists. Well, OK, there are some fists, too. READ MORE: The Martian, Sherlock Holmes, and why we love competence porn | Ars Technica

Paramount Now #Streaming 175 #Free #Movies #Online | Open Culture #film #historical #cinema

They call the project The Paramount Vault, a digital cinematic storehouse sorted into playlists of Classics, Comedy, Action/Adventure, Drama, Horror, Westerns, Science Fiction, and Thrillers, containing such pictures as Ironweed, Hamlet, Paris When It Sizzles, King Creole, Dark City, Funny About Love, and Margot at the Wedding — all of which, unfortunately, you can only watch in the United States. (BTW, we have a big list of unrestricted films here.) The geographical constraint still holds, at least for now, but the Paramount Vault people have kept at work filling it with movies. READ MORE: Paramount Now Streaming 175 Free Movies Online, Including Westerns, Thrillers & Crime Pictures | Open Culture

10 Must-Watch #Movies From Paramount’s #Free Internet Vault | Forbes #film #obscure #YouTube #streaming #video #online

It seems that every time the denizens of the Internet have started to get accustomed to the vast sea of options for streaming online video, another huge wave of movies floods the pool of content. Paramount [has] made dozens of titles in their library available to stream in full on the studio’s YouTube channel Paramount Vault.

Admittedly, the entries contained within the vault aren’t the studio’s most high-profile earners; in fact, most of the films that aren’t forgotten gems from decades gone by were released quietly in a small number of theaters or direct to home video. And yet, the cleverness of the Paramount Vault move lies in just how little the studio has to lose. The properties that have been transferred to the YouTube channel were sitting, collecting dust in the studio’s portfolio of acquisitions. This way, the people receive a slew of new movies at no cost whatsoever, and the studio wrings a little advertising revenue out of properties that were once thought dead and done with. READ MORE: 10 Must-Watch Movies From Paramount’s Free Internet Vault | Forbes

‘Codegirl’ #Documentary to hit YouTube Before Theaters, At No Charge | CNET #film #coding #tech #documentaries #STEM #education #free

CODEGIRL: Free to Watch on YouTube until November 5, 2015

Now playing on YouTube: a new documentary that tells the story of teenage girls who use computer code to solve problems. The film “Codegirl” is hitting YouTube before it gets to theaters and video on demand, and in that initial window you won’t have to pay to watch it. “Codegirl” follows high-school-age girls from around the world who enter a competition to try to better their communities through app design. READ MORE: ‘Codegirl’ documentary to hit YouTube before theaters, at no charge | CNET