Cool Tools

  • Airtable: Works like a spreadsheet but gives you the power of a database to organize anything.
  • Artsy: Discover fine art.
  • Audacity: Great free audio recording and editing software.
  • Blackle: Energy saving search engine.
  • Cheetr: Cheatsheets and shortcuts for designers and developers.
  • Clipping Magic: Remove image backgrounds. Instantly create masks, cutouts, and clipping paths online.
  • CopyPasteCharacter: Copy and paste those tricky special characters.
  • ConvertCase: Enter your text and choose which case to convert to.
  • Creately: Teams can work collaboratively on all things visual.
  • Creative Commons: Licenses and attributions.
  • Delicious: Social bookmarking.
  • Diigo: Collect and organize anything; social bookmarking; web highlighter.
  • Doodle: Meetings and scheduling.
  • Create and share hand drawn content.
  • Dropbox: Cloud storage.
  • Create and share visual ideas online.
  • Evernote: Notes, archiving and more!
  • Flickr: Photos.
  • Gliffy: Flow charts, mind mapping; diagram editor.
  • Google Search Operators Quick Reference Guide: Sophisticated search.
  • Google Search Tips & Tricks: A list of 50 search tips & tricks.
  • Grammarly. Instant grammar check. Online proofreading.
  • Haiku Deck: Presentation software for the iPad.
  • Handbrake: Video conversion.
  • IFTTT: IFTTT (If This Then That) gives you creative control to connect the products and apps you love.
  • Ink Paste: never. forget. another. word.
  • JustDelete.Me: A directory of direct links to delete your account from web services.
  • Library Extension: Instantly see book and e-book availability from your local library on your favorite book shopping site.
  • LinkedIn: Social networking for business.
  • LogoMaker: Create logos for free.
  • MailChimp: Email marketing and newsletter service.
  • Medium: A beautiful space for reading and writing.
  • Niice: A search engine with taste. Gather inspiration and express your ideas faster. Create moodboards.
  • The Pattern Library: This ongoing project compiles patterns shared by talented designers for you to use freely in your designs.
  • Pinterest: Image content sharing.
  • Prezi: Presentations.
  • Protopage: Browser start page for feeds and more!
  • Public Knowledge Project: Open source journal and conference systems.
  • Quora: Ask any question. Get real answers.
  • Sandvox: Website creation.
  • ScrapingHub: Autoscraping. Scrape websites without any programming knowledge.
  • Scrivener: Software for writers.
  • SkilledUp: Audio and video learning hub on SkilledUp.
  • SlideRocket: Presentations.
  • SlideRule: Search for online courses in any category.
  • StatPlanet: A free map maker.
  • Storybird: Artful storytelling.
  • SurveyMonkey: Surveys and polls.
  • Tagxedo: Word clouds with styles.
  • Talkwalker Alerts: RSS alerts customization.
  • TinyLetter: Email for people with something to say. From the makers of MailChimp.
  • Versu/Hover: Interactive storytelling creation.
  • Viewshare: Generate and customize unique, dynamic views for cultural heritage digital collections.
  • Infographics and data visualizations.
  • Wondershare AllMyTube: Manage and download YouTube videos.
  • Yahoo! Pipes: Interactive feed aggregator and manipulator.
  • Zamzar: Online file conversion.
  • ZOO Search: Search the search engines.


  • Blurb. Make your own book or ebook.
  • Flipboard. Unique news aggregator. Create your own magazine.
  • Glossi. Digital magazines. Magazines made easy.
  • SkilledUp. Digital Content Learning Hub
  • Vook. Better digital publishing for authors.
  • Zeen. Discover and create beautiful magazines.

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Last Updated October 23, 2015

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