Pairing Wine and Cheese with Data Science | Center for Data Innovation #dataviz #data #datascience #databases #visualization

University of Toronto computational biology professor Gary Bader has created an interactive data visualization that allows users to identify complementary wine and cheese pairings based on different factors, including a wine’s country of origin and a cheese’s moisture level. The visualization uses software called Cytoscape that Bader and other researchers initially developed for complex genetic and molecular analysis, such as mapping the relationship between different genes and autism or cancer. Users can search for approximately 1,000 ideal pairings between 100 different red and white wines and 270 cheeses. READ: Pairing Wine and Cheese with Data Sciencw | Center for Data Innovation

JA: Technology Skills in the Workplace | Maceli & Burke | Information Technology and Libraries #Libraries #LIS #tech #skills #information #research

Abstract: Information technology serves as an essential tool for today’s information professional, with a need for ongoing research attention to assess the technological directions of the field over time. This paper presents the results of a survey of the technologies used by library and information science (LIS) practitioners, with attention to the combinations of technologies employed and the technology skills that practitioners wish to learn.  The most common technologies employed were: email, office productivity tools, web browsers, library catalog and database searching tools, and printers, with programming topping the list of most-desired technology skill to learn. Generally similar technology usage patterns were observed for early and later-career practitioners. Findings also suggested the relative rarity of emerging technologies, such as the makerspace, in current practice.

Full PDF: Technology Skills in the Workplace: Information Professionals’ Current Use and Future Aspirations | Maceli | Information Technology and Libraries

The Data Savvy Librarian | Christopher Erdmann | DTU | YouTube #data #lifecycle #libraryservices #research #tools #skills #training

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Maine State Library study finds that Librarian is one of the most trusted professions | LRS #Librarians #fakenews #librarianship #research #ethics

A recent survey by the Maine State Library shows that librarians are the second most trusted professionals out of the 22 professions studied. The purpose of this research was to determine the perceived trustworthiness of librarians compared to other professions and to assess perceptions of librarians across demographic groups. READ MORE: Maine State Library study finds that Librarian is one of the most trusted professions | Library Research Service


More research supporting that Librarians are the solution…and always have been the solution…to the fake news problem! Verify, verify, verify. ALA Code of Ethics “We provide the highest level of service to all library users through appropriate and usefully organized resources; equitable service policies; equitable access; and accurate, unbiased, and courteous responses to all requests. We do not advance private interests at the expense of library users, colleagues, or our employing institutions. We distinguish between our personal convictions and professional duties and do not allow our personal beliefs to interfere with fair representation of the aims of our institutions or the provision of access to their information resources.” –

Listen to the First Music Ever Made With a Computer | Gizmodo #archives #music #preservation #computers #history

Researchers from New Zealand have restored the very first recording ever made of computer generated music. The three simple melodies, laid down in 1951, were generated by a machine built by the esteemed British computer scientist Alan Turing. READ MORE: Listen to the First Music Ever Made With a Computer | Gizmodo

Gamers beat scientists to making a protein discovery | engadget #gaming #crowdsource #science #research

Photo Source: engadget + Scott Horowitz

[P]roof that crowdsourced science can solve problems quickly. READ: Gamers beat scientists to making a protein discovery | Engadget

Researching LIS Job Opportunities and Career Paths | Infonista #LIS #librarianship #employment #jobs #careers #research #resources

Whether you’re a student soon to graduate and getting ready to hit the job market, an employed professional seeking to make a job change, or a now-unemployed practitioner trying to identify or create new opportunities, LIS job hunting can be an adventure (feel free to substitute your preferred adjective here). READ: Infonista | Researching LIS Job Opportunities and Career Paths

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What #indigenous communities are teaching scientists about nature | Vox #science #nature #knowledge #research #oralhistory

Although biologists and indigenous people have worked together for centuries, the relationship has tended toward friction. Scientists often looked askance at traditional knowledge, sometimes with harmful consequences for both science and indigenous livelihoods…

…”The hardest thing is to sit in a room with scientists who think they’ve discovered something, but their scientific discovery just confirms what our oral histories have talked about forever,” says William Housty, a member of British Columbia’s Heiltsuk First Nation and director of Coastwatch, a science and conservation program. “That’s been the biggest hump for us to overcome, to get people to think about our culture on the same level as Western science. “Rocky though the transition has been, wildlife biologists like Polfus are today pursuing more respectful and participatory relationships with indigenous people.

READ MORE: What indigenous communities are teaching scientists about nature | Vox

Here’s What A Robot Learned After Binge-Reading Romance Novels | HuffPost #AI #textmining #books #tech #machinelearning

Earlier this month Google’s software engineer Andrew Dai explained to BuzzFeed News that the genre’s formulaic approach to storytelling makes it ideal for machine learning. They hit a sweet spot between the labyrinthine, meandering sentences found in literary fiction, and the less elevated language used in kids’ books.

And in a heartrending plot twist: the experiment worked. The hairy details were released last week, but in short, the AI successfully connected lines of text to related phrases based on frequently connected words and phrases used in romance novels. READ MORE: Here’s What A Robot Learned After Binge-Reading Romance Novels | HuffPost


The Role of Librarians in Data Science | JoEsL #datascience #librarians #LIS #research

Many academic institutions and their libraries have developed research data services, but sometimes institutional objectives, professional organizations, and librarians’ current and future roles aren’t always in sync. In this issue of the Journal of eScience Librarianship, librarians report on moving forward with various services, but frequently face institutional and professional obstacles. READ: “The Role of Librarians in Data Science” by Elaine R. Martin | Journal of eScience Librarianship