Why Aren’t There More #Women in #Tech? | Next Generation #infographics #genderdiversity #STEM #employment #sexism #equality

Women are under-represented in the tech sector. Not only that, but they’re underpaid, often passed for promotions and faced with every day sexism. It’s no wonder women are more likely to leave the industry within a year compared to their male counterparts. MORE: Why Aren’t There More Women in Tech? | Next Generation

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  1. “Why Aren’t There More #Women in #Tech?” — Because in-large; women don’t seem to be as interested in it. It’s one of those dedicated careers that can’t succeed with half-heart-ed intentions. Most women tend to nurture vs create and vice versa with men. This has nothing to do with sexism; at the roots, it always stems back to personal preference. I have been schooled and worked along side women in this field. Those who love it succeed well and those who don’t flounder and this applies to both genders. However there definitely seems to be more men willing to apply themselves full-force into this field.

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    • I agree that dedication requires passion. Its hard to be passionate in an area of interest when external issues, cultural influences, office politics and additional challenges hinder the success of either gender.


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