SLA Non-Traditional Library Jobs Webinar

Slides & Audio Recording from Non-Traditional Library Jobs Webinar, Jan. 17 | SLA Illinois Chapter.

1 thought on “SLA Non-Traditional Library Jobs Webinar

  1. Hi, Thanks for posting the link to that webinar.. by coincidence, at about the same time, was being started. I’m collecting lots of example positions there.
    And, to demonstrate my ‘cred’ on the topic, I started the blog with several ‘memoir’ posts, explaining my personal experience, in the first few entries- so browse back to the ‘archives’ from January to see them. Those posts make it clear, also, why I’m being completely anonymous in this context.
    Building from the job-search agents that I still have running, from the period when I was in the employment market a year ago, I have been adding several job post selections to the blog, every few days. I think the blog is a useful method of ‘mentoring’ (anonymously) to LIS students and recent grads.. something I’ve always been interested in doing. The only gap I have found, is that most of the positions I post tend to be appropriate for someone like myself.. that is, I had 20+ years’ experience as a librarian, in various settings, prior to the moment in my career (last Spring) when my position as Head Research Librarian was eliminated, and I became a full-time telecommuter with the same company, in a new role as a Client Service Executive. When a position comes up that I think would be a good opportunity for a recent grad, I always note that.
    Nevertheless, I think the blog is useful for students and recent grads, as a reference source for example career paths to follow. It’s intended to get folks thinking about the available opportunities. For that reason, especially in the first four weeks of the blog, I posted the entire job descriptions I was linking to, and gave commentary regarding why I thought the positions were appropriate.
    There are many library/info-science job boards on the web; but it seems, also, that alt-librarian-careers is the only one maintaining links to new job posts, in this topic area.
    FYI, the blog has also been highlighted by the NJ chapter of SLA in several places, including
    cheers, alt-lib


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