Collection of Recent Links: EBooks & Publishers

The relationship between publishers and libraries on the issue of DRM and eBooks is of particular interest to me. My final paper in my Publishing class was on this very topic, with the issues varied and complex – licensing, pricing & ownership; access, availability & usability; DRM format and the many ways to add restrictions; privacy & confidentiality of user data; consortiums; and, preserving digital content (My reference list was 4 1/2 pages long!). The publishing industry is in such a state of flux right now with daily announcements from the library and publishing camps – its been fascinating to follow.

Retail DRM Is an Apple. Library DRM Is an Orange. from The Digital Shift
Publishers Starting to Reject e-Book DRM from ReadWriteWeb
Macmillan’s Tor Abandons DRM, Other Publishers Must Follow from Forbes
Note to Publishers: Your Addiction to DRM is Killing You by Matthew Ingram
Something Is Rotten In The State Of E-Book Publishing from FastCompany

Price Fixing
Don’t Believe the eBook Monopoly Ploy from Warren Adler/
Allegations of EBook Price Fixing Hit Canada from The Globe and Mail
Antitrust Primer for the Publishing Price Fixing Lawsuit from Dear Author

The Sorry State of Digital Books from PCMAG.COM
Why Break/Abandon DRM from Corante: Copyfight