Career Related Articles Useful to MIS/MLIS Students

On The Modern MLIS website there is the Resources page where I list a number of career-related information services links. I faced a number of challenges in my own job search including taking time off after finishing my MLIS and transitioning my career into a new direction. The easiest ways to ensure you have a job offer after graduating, or to at least increase your chances of being contacted for an interview, is to work in a library services role while you are completing your graduate education and to network by participating in library conferences. New graduates should anticipate their job search taking up to 6 months or even longer before finding employment.

How to Survive and Prevent a Bad Internship | Hack Library School
Many MLS/MLIS programs require, or at least strongly recommend, an internship or practicum before graduation. Internships are great ways to taste-test a type of librarianship, network, and get practical experience. The unfortunate reality is that we don’t always know what we’re walking into when we begin an internship. So, how do we survive or prevent a bad internship?

Congratulations! Now Get A Job. | Hack Library School
It’s time to get a job. In a discouraging economy. Of course, I saw this coming, but I kept my view hazy, even as I researched different career paths. So, now that reality has finally arrived, how does a freshly minted graduate go about finding her first LIS job?

You’re Interviewing them Too! Finding the Academic Library Job of Your Dreams | Backtalk  | LibraryJournal
This article shares a list of key considerations for academic library job-seekers.

The Simple Truth About Finding A Job | AOL Jobs
You’re looking for a job. Chances are it feels complicated, scary, overwhelming. My job-seeking clients have found the chart below comforting and helpful. It contains the essence of what you have to do.

How to be Awesome at Going to Library Conferences | PC Sweeney’s Blog
The author (a Branch Manager East Palo Alto Library in California) shares his experiences about what makes an awesome conference experience.

Big Idea: Post-Secondary Degrees with the Best Career Prospects | Avenue Calgary
There is a section discussing Information Specialists.