Top 10 Tips from a Social Media Intern | Information Space

As a social media intern this summer, I discover new ways to better use various social media platforms on a daily basis. Below is a list that I’ve compiled that can be used for brands wanting to further their online engagement, individuals who want a stronger digital presence, or anyone interested in encouraging a more discussion-oriented environment on popular social media platforms. These tips guarantee to strengthen the experience for you and your fans.

10. Don’t simply re-post something interesting.
9. Don’t just post about a success.
8. Respond with more than a ‘thank you’.
7. Post different content on each platform.
6. Be consistent with topics.
5. Write as a peer rather than as an authority.
4. Use LinkedIn at least once a day.
3. Have a real sense of humor.
2. Asking for followers or likes will guarantee the opposite.
1. The golden rule: Do NOT use tragedy for promotion.

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These are really great tips. I think tips 7. and 10. are the most challenging but can have the most impact.