‘Teachers on Pinterest’ Offers Education-Based Inspiration | PCMag.com

[T]his week announced a new effortto support “a community of creative, inspiring and hard-working people who make a difference to millions of kids everyday” — teachers.

A number of elementary school educators have already joined the fray, partnering on the launch of Teachers on Pinterest, where teachers can find everything from lesson plans for different grades to classroom decorating ideas.

Pinterest is also working with the online educators’ resource Edutopia to continue building the website’s education-focused community.

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2 thoughts on “‘Teachers on Pinterest’ Offers Education-Based Inspiration | PCMag.com

  1. Great article–thanks for linking to it! I think teachers using Pinterest is a great idea, as Pinterest is a great resource for creativity and sharing information. In today’s world, technology is evolving so quickly and there are so many ways for people in the education field to use it to their advantage, if you know how to use it properly. We use social media and videos to fundraise for schools and are always interested in learning about how education professionals are utilizing technology and social media!


    • I’m all for new and unique ways to share and collaborate, as long as they align with an organization’s goals. Visual resources have more impact in my opinion, likely why Pinterest is such a great platform for this program. Pinterest is also just so engaging!


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