The 10 Hottest Fields of Science Research | Wired Science

Scientific research is a large and sprawling endeavor, with thousands of laboratories around the world studying their own ultra-specialized piece of a much more significant whole. It’s the logical intersection of reductionist scientific heritage and centuries of technological advances: in order to advance our understanding of the world around us, we must pursue increasingly specific sub-disciplines.

Which is why Thomson Reuters’ scene-scoping study on “100 Key Scientific Research Fronts” is a welcome report for science enthusiasts eager to stay updated on cutting-edge research but lacking the time to read every issue of Science or Nature cover-to-cover.

The list:

  1. Impact of Climate Change on Food Crops
  2. Tectonic Evolution of the Southern Central Asian Orogenic Belt
  3. Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation
  4. DNA Methylation Analysis and Missing Heritability
  5. Ocean Acidification and Marine Ecosystems
  6. Enhanced Visible Light Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production
  7. Alkali Doped Iron Selenide Superconductors
  8. Galileon Cosmology
  9. High Energy Rechargeable Lithium Air Batteries
  10. Urban Policy Mobilities and Global Governance Issues

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