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Libraries, Librarians

Former Assistant Librarian Fired for Reporting Sex Act In Children’s Section of Town Library | KOB4

Who needs a librarian when you have Google? | Sandusky Register

Tough Report on Job Placement & Salary Information for Librarians | Galleycat

Oklahoma’s Pioneer Library System Launches 24-Hour Vending Library | The Digital Shift

Education, Technology

Academics urge peers to self-publish research | The Bookseller

ResearchGate: “Forget About Revenue Until The Network Is Valuable Enough To Command It” | TechCrunch

Coursera teams up with State Department on series of MOOC-based ‘learning hubs’ around the world | Engadget

Our sources are reliable. | Wikipedia news from The Millions

Web inventor’s open data organisation announces new global network | theguardian. US, Canada, Russia and France among 13 to sign agreements with Open Data Institute co-founded by Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Facebook Admits Teen Use May Be Declining | Mashable

Can You Use Electronic Devices On Airplanes During Takeoff and Landing? Soon, Yes! | TeleRead. Did you know Amazon ran the technical analysis of whether we have to shut down Kindles on planes | Washington Post. One more airline story: Airline Lost Your Luggage? Let Your Phone Find It | Mashable