Book this librarian | The Hindu

Pushpendra Pandya

Pushpendra Pandya, a resident of Vasai in Mumbai, works six days a week as a copywriter. On Sundays, though, he hires a cab and travels to different localities in the city, collecting books from those who have either no need for them, or no space to keep them.

Last month he started a crowd-sourced library, and has since built a collection of 1200 titles with help from friends and strangers. The idea for the library came to Pandya in March last year when he started a book sharing arrangement with friends.“Just like we would share notes in college after bunking class to cover up, we started swapping books. I thought it could be taken to a larger audience,” says Pandya, who calls himself an old-fashioned book lover. “In spite of being in such a crowded city, people feel lonely here. You need some company sometimes, and books have been the greatest company for me so far.

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