Google Reveals Its 9 Principles of Innovation | Fast Company

Ever wonder what makes the Google the holy grail of productivity and creativity? There’s no magic in the drinking water at the Mountain View, CA company. The tech giant draws from what Google’s chief social evangelist, Gopi Kallayil, calls the nine core principles of innovation.

Kallayil shared his insights at this week’s San Francisco Dreamforce summit. Here are the nine rules that any enterprise, large or small, can adopt to steal Google’s innovative culture.

The principles:

  1. Innovation Comes From Anywhere
  2. Focus On The User
  3. Aim To Be Ten Times Better
  4. Bet On Technical Insights
  5. Ship And Iterate
  6. Give Employees 20 Percent Time
  7. Default To Open Processes
  8. Fail Well
  9. Have A Mission That Matters

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