Blended Study: 10 Ways to Use Tech While You Learn | InformED #tech #students #blendedlearning

We hear a lot about blended learning from an instructor’s perspective, but what about from a student’s perspective? In what ways can students use technology to support learning inside and outside their course sessions?

Traditionally, studying involves a lot of passive reviewing. Reviewing texts, reviewing notes, reviewing lecture slides. But cognitive psychology tells us this isn’t the most effective way to retain information. The most effective learning is interactive, multi-modal, and based on science–in other words, qualities that technology can bring to the table. So what are some of the best uses of technology for students, not just educators? READ MORE: Blended Study: 10 Ways to Use Tech While You Learn | InformED

The 10 ways discussed in the post are listed below. Recommended tools are mentioned for each – see the link above.

  1. Time management apps
  2. Supplementary videos
  3. Open Educational Resources (OER)
  4. Online textbooks
  5. Self-quizzing apps
  6. Digital creation tools
  7. Productivity apps
  8. Mind mapping tools
  9. Digital learning portfolios
  10. Social media for learning