@Google Just Created a Stupidly Simple #WiFi #Router | WIRED #tech

As a comparison, my Apple Airport Extreme is sleek, minimalistic, functional and costs CAD$249.

[T]he company is launching a new device called the OnHub, in partnership with router-maker TP-Link. For $199, it promises to make your Wi-Fi faster and more reliable, and to give you the ability to update and fix your connection. (You know, for the rare times unplugging it and plugging it back in just won’t do.) The most striking thing about the OnHub is the way it looks. It’s not your average router, with wires and antennas poking out from every side; it’s a large cylindrical device with a blinking light on the top…Its outer shell is removable, and comes in either blue or black (more colors are coming…). READ MORE: Rejoice: Google Just Created a Stupidly Simple Wi-Fi Router | WIRED.