Top 10 Highly-Desired #Skills You Can Teach Yourself | LifeHacker #guides #selfimprovement

We’re all about do-it-yourself here at Lifehacker. But just because you don’t have the skills to do something doesn’t mean you can’t learn them. In the next installment of Lifehacker’s 10th anniversary celebration, we’re revisiting some guides we’ve written on learning some highly-desired skills. Guides listed:

  • Repair Just About Anything
  • Pick Up an Artistic Skill Like Illustration, Painting, or Photography
  • Learn to Defend Yourself
  • Improve Your Design Skills (or At Least Acquire a Sense of Style)
  • Pick Up Just About Any Subject You Missed In College
  • Build and Hack Electronic Hardware
  • Play a (New) Instrument
  • Cook Like a Pro
  • Become Fluent in a New Language
  • Make a Web Site, Create an App, or Just Learn to Code

READ: Top 10 Highly-Desired Skills You Can Teach Yourself | LifeHacker.