Collection of Links: Resources for Libraries

Free Software for Libraries Ideas Exchange – iLibrarian
50 Great Mobile Apps for Librarians – Proverbial Lone Wolf Librarian’s Weblog

Internet Librarian: Speed Technology Dating – Librarian in Black (30 technology recommendations – from Raspberry Pi to Liquid Space)
How to Create Your Own Knowledge Base – iLibrarian
Library Now! Google now technology applied to libraries? – Musings about Librarianship
What To Do with a Raspberry Pi (The New $35 Computer That Could Replace Your Opac Terminals) – The Digital Shift
Digitally Embedding the Law Library – Ellyssa Kroski

Web Design and Websites
Responsive Web Design and Libraries – iLibrarian
Transforming the Library Website: You and the IT Crowd – iLibrarian
Blogging Mega-post: 21 Resources for Tips, Strategies, and Content Ideas – iLibrarian
10 Essential Tools for the Lean Web Developer – Mashable


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