A Web Series For Kids Aims To Be The “Elmo for Engineering” | Co.Design

It’s hard to beat classic episodes of Sesame Street for timeless, near-universal educational appeal, but engineer and Adafruit Industries founder Limor Fried still saw an unmet need in the educational-video space. “We looked around and didn’t see an ‘Elmo for engineering’ or a kid’s show that celebrated science and engineering,” she tells Co.Design. “Every kid seems to have a cell phone or a tablet, but they know more about SpongeBob than how a LED works on the device or TV they’re watching, and we wanted to change that.” So she and her team at Adafruit created Circuit Playground, a Youtube series that combines chirpy puppets with hackery know-how via A Web Series For Kids Aims To Be The “Elmo for Engineering” | Co.Design: business + innovation + design.

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