3M Cloud Patron “Buy and Donate”; No Anonymity in Facebook Search; Nye, NASA YouTube Jupiter Series; Making Makerspaces

Patrons can donate to their library via new 3M Cloud feature. 3M Cloud Library Introduces “Buy and Donate” Program Supported by Kobo | TMCnet.com

Privacy setting removed for good. Now anyone can find you on Facebook — no matter what | CNET.

Love science? Want to learn more? Bill Nye, NASA Team Up for Jupiter Mission YouTube Series | PCMAG.com

Creating a makerspace is not that hard according to School Library Journal. Low Tech, High Gains: Starting a Maker Program Is Easier Than You Think | The Digital Shift


George Takei launches video series to explain technology | CNET

George Takei, best known for the role of Sulu on the original “Star Trek,” has winning at the Internet down to an art form. His 4.5 million Facebook followers are a testament to that.

Now, he has teamed with AARP for an oddball video series looking at technology topics. AARP says new episodes will appear the first and third week of the month.

via George Takei launches video series to explain technology | Crave – CNET.

A Web Series For Kids Aims To Be The “Elmo for Engineering” | Co.Design

It’s hard to beat classic episodes of Sesame Street for timeless, near-universal educational appeal, but engineer and Adafruit Industries founder Limor Fried still saw an unmet need in the educational-video space. “We looked around and didn’t see an ‘Elmo for engineering’ or a kid’s show that celebrated science and engineering,” she tells Co.Design. “Every kid seems to have a cell phone or a tablet, but they know more about SpongeBob than how a LED works on the device or TV they’re watching, and we wanted to change that.” So she and her team at Adafruit created Circuit Playground, a Youtube series that combines chirpy puppets with hackery know-how via A Web Series For Kids Aims To Be The “Elmo for Engineering” | Co.Design: business + innovation + design.

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