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LIS Specific Articles

She Said She Had a “Crush” on Us | Hired Librarians
An interview with Nicole Tekulve, Information Commons Librarian, and Virginia Cairns, Chair of Search Committee/Head of Reference & Instruction.

Remove Your Librarian Glasses | Information Tyrannosaur
This ability to challenge your own perspectives, examine your implicit assumptions, and inquire into the the viewpoints of others is crucial to diversity work, but also to the work we do in our organizations and the work we do as librarians.

Dear Freshmen: What iSchool Seniors Want You to Know | Information Space
As you’ll hear every senior say, and as you will one day realize yourself, your years of college will go by so fast, and you’ll have no idea where your time went.

A Conversation on The Value of the LIS Degree | Information Space
The current conversation around the value of a professional LIS degree recurs on a regular basis. We recognize that this conversation has many sides to it, so to frame a potential dialogue on the topic, Jill Hurst-Wahl (current LIS faculty) and Matthew Gunby (recent MLIS graduate) have considered possible goals of the LIS degree.

Leadership in a Digital Age | American Libraries 
The increasingly digital context brings challenges and opportunities for librarians, library staff, archivists, and museum professionals. New roles and the competencies required to perform them are evolving. One overriding role for all of us is that of the leader.

Dewey-It-Yourself: How to supplement your library school education | Hack Library School
It can be very frustrating to look at job postings and think, “What does that even mean? They didn’t teach me that!” But with an optimistic and do-it-yourself attitude the gap between what you know and what you need to know can shorten.

General Articles

Will getting an advanced degree limit your career options? | LifeHacker
A graduate degree really is an investment, one that could further your knowledge in your field and possibly boost your earning potential. But, as with other types of investments, there are also risks involved.

You Have To Prove You Deserve the Job | FastCompany
The world is flooded with college graduates this month eager to start that shiny new job. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are looking for a job:

Happiness: Expert Advice On How To Be Happy In Life | Huffington Post
The lowdown behind the newest research on how to get more happy — right now.