This Tool Finds [U.S.] #Colleges with the Highest #Salary for Your Field | LifeHacker #tools #compensation #education #libraryscience 

Library Science and Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services are fields of study included in this comparison tool. Tool only compares U.S. colleges.  

If you have an idea what you’d like to study, but you’re not sure where to go to school, this scorecard from the U.S. Department of Education can help. A few clicks and you can see average salaries for graduates in your field, and what the graduation rates for your school look like. READ MORE: This Tool Finds Colleges with the Highest Salary for Your Field | LifeHacker

4 Things That Will Never Happen When You Become a Librarian | hls #librarians #libraryschool #MLIS

So here it is my final blog post for Hack Library School. As I type these words on the keyboard, my eyes are flooded with tears…of joy! It means that by now you have another set of awesome writers who are sharing wonderful insight to a new generation of LIS students. READ MORE: 4 Things That Will Never Happen When You Become a Librarian | hls.

How to Become Your Dream Career |

What is a career? While many people use the words “job” and “career” interchangeably, the two have very different meanings. Throughout your life, you may hold various jobs starting, perhaps starting when you are in high school or earlier. Typically, people pursue just one career. A career is a journey, and something you will be committed to in the long term. It consists of different steps and, ideally, it is something that you feel is your calling. If you are a student ready to begin your higher education, or have held many different jobs and want to know how to make the switch to doing what you love, this career guide will be a great resource.

VIEW: How to Become Your Dream Career |

One of the listed “Dream Careers” is a Librarian! SEE: How To Become a Librarian | Learn How To Become

How You Too Can Transition from a Librarian to a Doctoral Student | Hack Library School

Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Abigail Phillips.

So, how do you, dear reader, know if you really want to get a PhD? If you are working as a public librarian or school media specialist, how do you know if academia is a good fit for you? What follows are some suggestions, tips, and advice from an ex-librarian turned academic for those thinking about entering a PhD program. Although my focus in this post is on potential doctoral students in Information Studies, this advice can be applied to any doctoral program.

via How You Too Can Transition from a Librarian to a Doctoral Student | Hack Library School.

So, You Want to be a Law Librarian? | Letters to a Young Librarian

So, You Want to be a Law Librarian?, by Janelle Beitz and Mari Cheney | Letters to a Young Librarian

An interview with two academic law librarians.

Woman wants changes at library after grandson checks out erotic novel | Fox 59 News

Story about a woman challenging adult materials in a library’s collection. This incident would make a great case study for a course assignment in LIS school.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– The library is a great place for children to explore new books and learn to love reading. However, what if your child came home from the library with an erotic romance novel?


Deeren said she followed library protocol in an attempt to get books like this removed. “This is what I did. I went through three different people, filled out paper and then they sent this back,” Deeren said, referring to a letter that was sent back to her.

The letter indicated that Night Games has been nominated for several awards and that it’s the guardian’s responsibility to monitor a child’s book selection, which is indicated in the library application for people 18 and younger.


“There is a place for these books and that’s an adult book store. If they want to keep it at a library, I want them to keep it behind a door,” Deeren said.

She is not giving up.

“I want to get this (Night Games) out of there. I want to just keep talking to people about getting these kinds of books out or putting them behind closed doors. One or the other,” Deeren said.

There is much more content to this story. See the full article:  Woman wants changes at library after grandson checks out erotic novel | Fox 59 News –

Collection of Links: Resources, Tools & Tech for New LIS/iSchool Students

The ToolsResources pages on The Modern MLIS

Archived MLIS and GTA Technology Topics, Tips & Tricks posts on The Modern MLIS

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MOOCing up Librarianship | Hack Library School

Insightful review of a MOOC experience from an MLIS graduate student.

During my final month of library school I decided to add one more item to my to do list: take the New Librarianship MOOC. The massive open online course MOOC was offered by Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies for graduate or continuing education credit, or just for fun. MOOCs can be a great way to supplement your library school education, so I enrolled just for fun as a final library school experience. See the full post: MOOCing up Librarianship | Hack Library School.

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An interview with Nicole Tekulve, Information Commons Librarian, and Virginia Cairns, Chair of Search Committee/Head of Reference & Instruction.

Remove Your Librarian Glasses | Information Tyrannosaur
This ability to challenge your own perspectives, examine your implicit assumptions, and inquire into the the viewpoints of others is crucial to diversity work, but also to the work we do in our organizations and the work we do as librarians.

Dear Freshmen: What iSchool Seniors Want You to Know | Information Space
As you’ll hear every senior say, and as you will one day realize yourself, your years of college will go by so fast, and you’ll have no idea where your time went.

A Conversation on The Value of the LIS Degree | Information Space
The current conversation around the value of a professional LIS degree recurs on a regular basis. We recognize that this conversation has many sides to it, so to frame a potential dialogue on the topic, Jill Hurst-Wahl (current LIS faculty) and Matthew Gunby (recent MLIS graduate) have considered possible goals of the LIS degree.

Leadership in a Digital Age | American Libraries 
The increasingly digital context brings challenges and opportunities for librarians, library staff, archivists, and museum professionals. New roles and the competencies required to perform them are evolving. One overriding role for all of us is that of the leader.

Dewey-It-Yourself: How to supplement your library school education | Hack Library School
It can be very frustrating to look at job postings and think, “What does that even mean? They didn’t teach me that!” But with an optimistic and do-it-yourself attitude the gap between what you know and what you need to know can shorten.

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Will getting an advanced degree limit your career options? | LifeHacker
A graduate degree really is an investment, one that could further your knowledge in your field and possibly boost your earning potential. But, as with other types of investments, there are also risks involved.

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Overcoming Instruction Stage Fright « Hack Library School

“When I began a student assistant position in reference and instruction this semester, the time to brave the classroom arrived without my previously anticipated sense of preparation and confidence. I was excited and terrified. A part of me believed that I could be quite good, while the other part waited for the fraud police to stop me before I could present my novice self to a class of undergraduates.”

via Overcoming Instruction Stage Fright « Hack Library School.