This Tool Finds [U.S.] #Colleges with the Highest #Salary for Your Field | LifeHacker #tools #compensation #education #libraryscience 

Library Science and Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services are fields of study included in this comparison tool. Tool only compares U.S. colleges.  

If you have an idea what you’d like to study, but you’re not sure where to go to school, this scorecard from the U.S. Department of Education can help. A few clicks and you can see average salaries for graduates in your field, and what the graduation rates for your school look like. READ MORE: This Tool Finds Colleges with the Highest Salary for Your Field | LifeHacker

What Happens When You Talk About #Salaries @Google | WIRED #women #genderequality #sexism #tech #compensation #pay

READ IT: What Happens When You Talk About Salaries at Google | WIRED.

2014/2015 Results from the DAM Foundation Salary Survey | Dam Foundation #digitalasset

This second iteration of the DAM Foundation salary survey was conducted in 2014 in an effort to build a continuous body of linear data on the demographics, duties, and salaries of Digital Asset Managers. Results include trends in the hiring, retention, and pay of demographic groups in the developing profession of digital asset management. Building on the results of the survey conducted two years previously, the DAM Foundation continues its mission to set standards in digital asset management, and to be the premier source of information to the community of digital asset management professionals. READ MORE: 2014/2015 Results from the DAM Foundation Salary Survey | Dam Foundation