Libraries and Librarians Aren’t About to Disappear | Inside Higher Ed #libarianship #news #libraryjobs #careers #employment #analysis

Great story illustrating the importance of subject matter expertise, quality data analysis, unbiased reporting, data validity … the errors mentioned seem laughable to me but I guess it comes down to how deep the knowledge base of those performing the analysis using classification standards such as NAICS, NOC, SIC, etc.

A widely shared article declaring libraries and archives to be among the fastest-declining industries in America has been debunked. READ: Libraries and Librarians Aren’t About to Disappear | Inside Higher Ed

7 ideas for flexible LIS careers | Infonista #LIS #careers #jobs #librarianship #employment

Workforce experts are saying that by 2020 four of every ten workers will be a member of the “contingent workforce” – that is, freelancers, contractors, or temporary employees. How directly this trend impacts the LIS profession will probably in large degree depend on where you work and the type of work you do.

But in the meantime, what if you’d actually like to accelerate this trend and perhaps have an LIS career with a bit more flexibility right now?

These types of jobs exist, but finding them can sometimes be a challenge. READ MORE: 7 ideas for flexible LIS careers | Infonista

Researching LIS Job Opportunities and Career Paths | Infonista #LIS #librarianship #employment #jobs #careers #research #resources

Whether you’re a student soon to graduate and getting ready to hit the job market, an employed professional seeking to make a job change, or a now-unemployed practitioner trying to identify or create new opportunities, LIS job hunting can be an adventure (feel free to substitute your preferred adjective here). READ: Infonista | Researching LIS Job Opportunities and Career Paths

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This Tool Finds [U.S.] #Colleges with the Highest #Salary for Your Field | LifeHacker #tools #compensation #education #libraryscience 

Library Science and Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services are fields of study included in this comparison tool. Tool only compares U.S. colleges.  

If you have an idea what you’d like to study, but you’re not sure where to go to school, this scorecard from the U.S. Department of Education can help. A few clicks and you can see average salaries for graduates in your field, and what the graduation rates for your school look like. READ MORE: This Tool Finds Colleges with the Highest Salary for Your Field | LifeHacker

School #Librarians Want More #Tech—and Bandwidth | SLJ 2015 Tech Survey #schools #libraries

IPads, maker spaces, 3-D printers, and coding skills top the tech wish lists for 1,259 school librarians across the country, according to School Library Journal’s (SLJ) 2015 Technology Survey. Educators are hungry to bring their students even more—whether that’s robotics classes or Arduino kits.

“New computers, tablets, video equipment, all digital tools, instruction on usage, [and] enough bandwidth” count among the must-haves for Andrea Oshima, a school librarian at Aviara Oaks Elementary School in Carlsbad, CA. Currently, 64 percent of school librarians consider themselves tech leaders in their schools—and 28 percent feel that their tech skills afford them increased job security. READ MORE:  School Librarians Want More Tech—and Bandwidth | SLJ 2015 Tech Survey | School Library Journal.

What Every Major Job Category Pays, In One Chart | Vox #employment #MLIS

Of interest to librarians and information services professionals note major job category “Education, training, and library.” See Bureau of Labor Statistics website for interactive charts and chart data.

New data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics lets us see the average pay for every major occupational group and also the distribution of pay at each level for these groups. READ MORE: What every major job category pays, in one chart | Vox

What I Learned From My Internship at Twitter | Information Space

This past April, between the demands of a packed schedule and midterm season, I secured my dream internship: a chance to work at Twitter in their San Francisco headquarters.

READ MORE: What I Learned From My Internship at Twitter | Information Space

Are online LIS students doomed? | Hack Library School

Hello fellow hackers! I’m excited to join the Hack Library School team. For my first post, I thought I’d tackle the subject of online MLIS programs, even though this has been discussed on Hack Library School in the past.

You see, recently on Hiring Librarians some hiring managers have criticized online LIS education, stating that they are wary of hiring graduates who have obtained a MLIS degree online. This even prompted a survey on biases against online library school. Library Journal noticed this and followed up with a discussion of the widespread trend of online programs, concluding that, while becoming more common, they still have a way to go before being accepted by the entire library community. Oh no! Does this mean online LIS students won’t be hired after they graduate? Are we doomed? I don’t think so. It’s clear there are still major misconceptions and confusion about how LIS programs work. Of course, each school is different, but online MLIS degrees are every bit as valid as degrees earned in person.

Read the full story: Are online LIS students doomed? | Hack Library School.

How The Informational Interview Helps You Get The Job | Fast Company

People get jobs through connections. If you don’t have any, make them. And then ask yourself these five questions to prep.

Read: How The Informational Interview Helps You Get The Job | Fast Company | Business + Innovation.

A guide for the informational interview.

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