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Are you looking for ways to enhance your social media marketing? Do you want new tools to simplify your marketing tasks? We asked a group of social media pros for the hottest social media tools they use today. Check out these social media tools to see if they’re a good fit for you! READ MORE:  44 Social Media Tools Recommended by the Pros | Social Media Examiner

What I Learned From My Internship at Twitter | Information Space

This past April, between the demands of a packed schedule and midterm season, I secured my dream internship: a chance to work at Twitter in their San Francisco headquarters.

READ MORE: What I Learned From My Internship at Twitter | Information Space

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Education & Technology

With MakerBot Academy, the 3-D Printing Movement Aims for Schools | AllThingsD
The company announced on Tuesday an initiative to begin seeding its Replicator 3-D printing machines inside of K-12 schools across the U.S. The effort comes in partnership with DonorsChoose.org, a site that allows public school teachers to make online requests for classroom projects, which are then backed by a Kickstarter-like funding drive.

Twitter goes for the masses with new storytelling feature | CNET
Twitter excels in capturing the “moment” as events happen, but it isn’t great at telling a story. With custom timelines, the company hopes to lure a broader audience by giving it coherent narratives rather than just the raw materials.


How Iran Uses Wikipedia To Censor The Internet | BuzzFeed
A new study from the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School claims that Wikipedia might hold the key to understanding how Iran censors, and controls, the internet. The answer, in four words: with a heavy hand.

IBM Software Learns Your Personality, Could Tailor Ads Accordingly | MIT Technology Review

Trying to derive a person’s wants and needs—conscious or otherwise—from online browsing and buying habits has become crucial to companies of all kinds.

Now IBM is taking the idea a step further. It is testing technology that guesses at people’s core psychological traits by analyzing what they post on Twitter, with the goal of offering personalized customer service or better-targeted promotional messages.

Read more: IBM Software Learns Your Personality, Could Tailor Ads Accordingly | MIT Technology Review.

IBM Personality Analysis


News: Education & Technology, Librarianship

Education & Technology

Twitter had its IPO today. Twitter’s Strong IPO Leaves The Company More Richly Valued On A Per-User Basis Than Facebook At Its Debut | TechCrunch. You may also like: Post-Twitter IPO: Time to fret about a new tech bubble? | CNET and 14 Moments That Defined Twitter | FastCompany

Did your Adobe password leak? Now you and 150m others can check | theguardian
Leak is 20 times worse than the company initially revealed, and could put huge numbers of peoples’ online lives at risk. Direct link to the Adobe leaked credentials checker.

How Pinterest Plans to Woo the Rest of the Internet | FastCompany
Unlike social media platforms like Twitter that capture the here and now, Pinterest is for dreaming of what’s ahead, says CEO Ben Silbermann…“People use Pinterest every day to get ready for and excited about something in their future–what they’re going to make for dinner, what they’re going to teach their classroom of students. If we can create a set of connections between things that they’re interested in, we can help them plan for that future.”


The Beginner’s Guide to TweetDeck | Mashable

TweetDeck‘s development path might look more like a roller coaster than the typical incline, but it’s for good reason. After Twitter bought the app in 2011, TweetDeck pulled support for various social networks — most recently Facebook — and dropped its mobile apps in order to focus on its core purpose in desktop form: Twitter.

Social media managers and casual tweeters alike can benefit from TweetDeck’s organizational tools, such as customizable columns, multiple account toggling and scheduling. With a modern, clean design and automatically refreshing feeds, TweetDeck’s utility comes in its simplicity and ease in setting up.

Here’s how to get started on TweetDeck. Soon your personal and professional Twitter troubles will be long gone.

Read the guide: The Beginner’s Guide to TweetDeck | Mashable


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Education & Technology

Startup Gives Free Stuff to Student Influencers | Mashable
Sumpto, a startup that identifies top social-media influencers at colleges across the country, sends students free gifts from brands in hopes that they will tweet, post and share photos of the free swag on their social-media accounts.

Twitter strives to explain itself to the public | CNET
A new “About Twitter” page attempts to describe the social network and explain how and why people tweet.

Bill Gates Believes Human Health Is More Important Than Tech | Mashable
In a wide-ranging interview with the Financial Times, which focused primarily on his work to bring health aid to the world’s impoverished regions, Gates offers a glimpse into how much his views have changed regarding the importance of technology in our lives.

E Ink Looks Beyond E-Readers | MIT Technology Review
Facing a declining market for e-readers, E Ink’s new R&D facility is trying out some different ideas.

Lenovo pursued BlackBerry bid, but Ottawa rejected idea | Globe & Mail
[T]he Canadian government told the smartphone company it would not accept a Chinese takeover because of national security concerns.

Apple: “Our Business Does Not Depend on Collecting Personal Data” | AllThingsD
Apple published a formal report on federal government data requests and in so doing became the first tech company to disclose such inquiries by both account and device.


Museum of Science Fiction might be coming to DC | CNET
Trekkies and wanna-be Mars colonists might soon have a permanent brick-and-mortar site for sharing their love of all things science fiction

Illinois Library Comes Under Fire | American Libraries Magazine
“Sometimes libraries that are doing ‘all the right things’ pay a price for their excellence through uncivil attacks and attempts to dismantle their work,” Barbara Jones, director of ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF), told American Libraries. She is referring to Orland Park (Ill.) Public Library (OPPL) in south suburban Chicago, which has endured several intellectual-freedom challenges over the past few months.

MELSA, 3M Develop New Ebook Sharing Feature for Consortia | The Digital Shift

The Library Vending Machine | BookRiot
Changing demographics and difficulty securing new funds for new libraries, The Pioneer Library System in Norman, Oklahoma decided to to use technology to meet its patrons needs. So last week, it opened the first 24-hour library vending machine in the United States. Built by EnvisionWare, this fully automated machine will be able to to dispense more than 400 pieces of media (books/DVDs/audiobooks) and store more than 1000 returned items.

Pew Research

Twitter a news source? Not so much | CNET
A new Pew survey shows only 16 percent of US adults use Twitter and only 8 percent use the social network for news. But these users tend to be young, educated, and wealthy.

The State of Digital Divides
Lee Rainie, Director of the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project, presented the project’s latest findings about who has and doesn’t have access to the internet, broadband, and cell phones. He noted that some of the factors associated with non-use of technology are age, household income, educational attainment, community type, and disability. He also cited findings about why people say they do not use the internet.

A Few Twitter Resources for Teachers, Job Hunting, Twitter Management


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Job Hunting

20 Twitter Resources for Job Hunters | Mashable

How to find job using Twitter | Jarkko Sjöman

Twitter Management

Twitter Guide Book – How To, Tips and Instructions and The Complete Guide to Twitter Etiquette from Mashable

3 Free Tools to Manage Who You Follow on Twitter | Mashable
Reviews Manage Flitter, UnTweeps and Tweepi.

Twitter Analytics: A Beginner’s Guide | Search Engine Watch

Spirit for Twitter: Disappearing Act For Your Tweets | Information Space
There’s some new Twitter functionality in town, and this time it’s letting you automatically delete any tweet you want with a little hashtag magic.

Twitter #Music: What Went Wrong? | Information Space

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