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Twitter had its IPO today. Twitter’s Strong IPO Leaves The Company More Richly Valued On A Per-User Basis Than Facebook At Its Debut | TechCrunch. You may also like: Post-Twitter IPO: Time to fret about a new tech bubble? | CNET and 14 Moments That Defined Twitter | FastCompany

Did your Adobe password leak? Now you and 150m others can check | theguardian
Leak is 20 times worse than the company initially revealed, and could put huge numbers of peoples’ online lives at risk. Direct link to the Adobe leaked credentials checker.

How Pinterest Plans to Woo the Rest of the Internet | FastCompany
Unlike social media platforms like Twitter that capture the here and now, Pinterest is for dreaming of what’s ahead, says CEO Ben Silbermann…“People use Pinterest every day to get ready for and excited about something in their future–what they’re going to make for dinner, what they’re going to teach their classroom of students. If we can create a set of connections between things that they’re interested in, we can help them plan for that future.”