We Need a Better Way to Visualize People’s Skills | HBR #skills #data #visualization #employment #analytics #competencies

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How can companies get a better idea of which skills employees and job candidates have? While university degrees and grades have done that job for a long time, they’ve done it imperfectly. In today’s rapidly evolving knowledge economy, badges, nanodegrees, and certificates have aimed to bridge the gap – but also leave a lot to be desired. While HR departments are eager for better “people analytics,” that concept is still fuzzy. And simply collecting data is not enough – to be used, data has to be presented usefully. READ MORE: We Need a Better Way to Visualize People’s Skills | HBR

Are Librarians becoming Data Analysts? | Linex Systems #Librarians #data #analysis #analytics #dataanalysts #analysts

Right now, one of the most discussed trends is that of data – big data, small data, data analytics, predictive data. It’s all relevant, it’s all important and it should be on all our radars. Data is constantly growing and, as it does, we are finding new ways to harness it and fulfill our potential. Within this, two significant themes emerge which we shall explore here:

  1. Using data to improve your current awareness service
  2. Your current awareness service including more data, and different types of data

Read More: Are Librarians becoming Data Analysts? | Linex Systems


My Comment: An excellent article providing an overview of some services data analysts may provide. My role as a Research Analyst includes the following data related activities: analyzing data sets to provide insights to the public and fulfill client requests; using data to tell stories; analyzing click rates to determine content relevancy; peer comparison; crafting factual statements for business development and marketing collateral and presentations; sourcing, organizing and managing data sets; and the list goes on!

So you want to be a Data Visualization Librarian? | hls #librarians #dataviz #MLIS

So you know that you want to be a librarian, but have you thought about specializing in a certain field? Maybe you have an interest in emerging technologies or you want to work with researchers and students across the disciplines? Data visualization is a hot topic in librarianship, and specializations in data analytics and visualization is an exciting area of growth in the profession. I sat down with four visualization specialists who work within the University of Michigan Library system to get an idea of what their jobs entail.

READ MORE: So you want to be a Data Visualization Librarian? | hls.

A Dead-Simple Tool That Lets Anyone Create Interactive Maps | WIRED

Data surrounds us. It’s everywhere, in the most micro sense small gadgets that track calories we’ve burned, or how much water our plants need to the most macro analytics companies that can monitor, for instance, the health of entire populations. But there are precious few companies actively working on helping us make sense of all that data. One of them is Tableau, a software company that turns heaps of data into visualizations for the common man: teachers, doctors, journalists, you name it. To make those tools clearer and cleaner, they recently partnered with Stamen Design, to release three new map templates, which anyone can play around with by downloading Tableau’s free software.

READ MORE A Dead-Simple Tool That Lets Anyone Create Interactive Maps | Design | WIRED.

IBM Software Learns Your Personality, Could Tailor Ads Accordingly | MIT Technology Review

Trying to derive a person’s wants and needs—conscious or otherwise—from online browsing and buying habits has become crucial to companies of all kinds.

Now IBM is taking the idea a step further. It is testing technology that guesses at people’s core psychological traits by analyzing what they post on Twitter, with the goal of offering personalized customer service or better-targeted promotional messages.

Read more: IBM Software Learns Your Personality, Could Tailor Ads Accordingly | MIT Technology Review.

IBM Personality Analysis


Social Media Analytics [Infographic] | B2B Marketing & Technology

Social Media Analytics [Infographic] | Cool Infographics in B2B Marketing & Technology.

Social Media Analytics

Know your users: Web analytics tools | TechRepublic

One of the best ways to gauge your website’s effectiveness, performance, and customer satisfaction can be found right inside the measurements that analytics reveal:

  • the number of interactions
  • page views
  • where visitors are coming from to get to your sites
  • where they go once they reach your site.

via Know your users: Web analytics tools | TechRepublic. The article reviews Google Analytics and Crazy Egg.

Also recommended is Andrew Maier’s Complete Beginner’s Guide to Analytics. It is a few years old though.

25 Alternatives to Google Analytics – Stephen’s Lighthouse

For the full article see 25 Alternatives to Google Analytics – Stephen’s Lighthouse.

25 Alternatives to Google Analytics

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