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The Introvert’s Guide to Conferences | Rachelle Gardner
Okay, so you notice there’s no shortage of advice out there about how to make the most of a conference. But what about those of us who are introverts? It can be even more difficult for us to navigate these social situations. Oh, how we envy our extrovert friends! Are there any special tips for people like us?

Conference Proposals 101: What, When, and How to Submit Yours | Infonista
As you grow your LIS career, one of the most effective ways to build your professional reputation and visibility is to present at conferences. You’ll have a chance to share your expertise with colleagues interesting in learning more about your topic, and create credibility for your professional knowledge. If you’ve never gone through the proposal process, however, it can be a bit daunting at first. Rest assured, it’s actually a pretty simple process.

How Introverts Can Make the Most of Conferences | HBR
For introverts, attending a conference can feel exhausting. But if you avoid conferences — or just avoid talking to anyone while attending them — it can hurt your career and your business. The good news is that you don’t have to go against the grain of your own personality to get value from conferences and other networking events. For some practical advice on the best ways to handle conferences as an introvert, we turned to Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talkingand co-founder of Quiet Revolution.

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Poster Sessions – A Beginner’s Guide [Originally Posted December 2013] | Hack Library School

Though June, July and August might seem like ages away, many conferences use January as their deadline for submissions from students.  So today is as good a time as any to talk about a type of submission that can seem foreign to a lot of library students- the poster session. Let’s dive in! READ MORE: Poster Sessions – A Beginner’s Guide | Hack Library School

16 Conference Networking Tips for Educators and Librarians | OEDB.org

Summer is conference season for many in the library and educational fields, and there’s no better time to make new contacts and network than at a conference. Not all of us are natural networkers however, myself included!, so I’ve gathered some tips and tricks for conference goers that you may find useful. What I’ve found most helpful personally is preparing before the event so that I have a plan and some groundwork already in place. And I can’t stress enough how handy social media is with regard to event networking so be sure to take advantage of social tools such as Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. to make yourself more visible and also for interacting with others at the conference.

READ: 16 Conference Networking Tips for Educators and Librarians | OEDB.org

Why Librarians Save Lives | Epic Reads

Librarians are some of Mike Martin‘s favorite people ever. Why? Many reasons, but here’s the main one: THEY ARE FRAKKIN SUPERHEROES.This video, which was recorded at the Public Library Association 2014 conference, features interviews with some truly wonderful people including John Green’s “fairy godmother,” Ilene Cooper. It has a couple surprises at the end, too….via Why Librarians Save Lives | Blog | Epic Reads

A.I. XPRIZE: Can A Robot Deliver A TED Talk Worthy Of A Standing Ovation? | International Business Times

Imagine if Samantha from the movie “Her” could deliver a dynamic, engaging and totally human TED Talk. That’s what the nonprofit hopes will be a reality in the near future. TED wants to find out if an artificial intelligence can deliver a talk that wows the audience at a future conference.

During the TEDActive 2014 conference on March 20, Chris Anderson, curator of TED, and Peter Diamandis, founder of the XPRIZE, announced the formation of the A.I. XPRIZE where the winner will receive a lucrative award for delivering a talk that receives a standing ovation. READ MORE

The Best of Internet Librarian 2013 | Ellyssa Kroski | OEDB.org

Every year there are two amazing conferences focusing on information technology and libraries hosted by Information Today – Computers in Libraries and Internet Librarian. They feature the field’s top innovators sharing their insights, recent project experiences, and practical tips. If you couldn’t make this year’s event, here are 10 stellar presentations that will catch you up:

Presentation topics:

  • Managing Devices & Gadgets
  • Open Source Solutions & Apps
  • Project Management
  • Tech Tools for Engaging Communities
  • Usability Testing: On Board & On a Shoestring
  • Using Web Analytics for Site Improvement
  • Super Searcher Secrets
  • The New State of Search: Google, Discovery, & Apps
  • Clarifying Copyright for the Classroom Teacher
  • Embedded Librarianship With Google Docs

Access them here: The Best of Internet Librarian 2013 | Ellyssa Kroski | OEDB.org.

Library 2.013 Conference Today, Tomorrow (October 18 & 19)

Library 2.013 Conference - Library 2.0

The world’s largest online virtual conference, Library 2.013, runs today and tomorrow (October 18 & 19, 2013). Head on over to access over 100 presentations. 

“The conference is online, in multiple time zones over the course of two days, and free to attend!”

To access the schedule scroll down to the time zones on the Sessions and Schedule page, click on the yellow highlighted link to access the schedule according to your viewing time zone. Or see the list of Recordings, which will become available as conference sessions conclude.

At This High School, You Go To TEDx Class | Co.Exist

Read: At This High School, You Go To TEDx Class | Co.Exist | ideas + impact.

At This High School, You Go To TEDx Class | Co.Exist | ideas + impact

10 Great Slidedecks from SLA 2013 – OEDB.org

10 Great Slidedecks from SLA 2013 – OEDB.org.

  1. KM Content that Delivers: Learn from the Early Adopters
  2. 60 Sites in 60 Minutes
  3. The Accidental Systems Librarian: Using Our Librarian Competencies in Managing Systems
  4. Where Did the Books Go? Exploring E-Library Models at the Engineering and Physical Sciences Libraries at Cornell University
  5. Implementing Open Source
  6. The Key Success Factor in Knowledge Management…What Else? Change Management
  7. SharePoint Speed Dating: Tips and Techniques from the Pros: Quick Tips for Creating a Competitive Intelligence SharePoint Site
  8. SPOTLIGHT SESSION: The Race to the Patent Office – the Impact of the America Invents Act
  9. Just Say No to Aimlessness! Strategic Leveraging of Social Media Content
  10. Next Generation Sci-Tech Librarians: Helping Institutions and Researchers Increase Their Impact

40 Great Apps for Mobile Reference and Outreach | American Libraries Magazine

The desire to learn about useful mobile apps is widespread among librarians, judging by the overflow crowd at Sunday’s Conversation Starter [ALA Conference 2013], billed to deliver “40 Great Apps for Mobile Reference and Outreach.”

via 40 Great Apps for Mobile Reference and Outreach | American Libraries Magazine.