‘Hour of Code’ Offers Free Coding Lessons | PCMag.com

Code.org today launched a massive campaign aimed at encouraging kids to learn computer programming.

Kicking off Computer Science Education Week, the nonprofit organization joined forces with supporters like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Reid Hoffman, and Jack Dorsey to get students, teachers, and parents excited about coding.

The “Hour of Code” initiative, first announced in October, provides an interactive introduction through online tutorials. Are you just a beginner looking to learn the basics, or have you already mastered one coding language and want to pick up another? Visit Code.org to find coaching on building apps and Web pages, programming robots, and more.

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Librarians as Instructional Designers: Strategies for Engaging Conversations for Learning | The Unquiet Librarian

School, academic, and public librarians often cite collaborative partnerships as one of the greatest challenges of the profession—how do we invite collaboration, how do we nurture and sustain those partnerships, and how might those efforts translate into additional endeavors?  Identifying common goals and cultivating trust are two fundamental building blocks in this process, but libraries and librarians being sensitive to the needs of the community, whether it is an individual, group, or organization, is also paramount.

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Smithsonian now lets you view artifacts in 3D | CNET News

Smithsonian X 3D

You can now take a 3D peek at several famous historical artifacts thanks to a project from the Smithsonian Institution.

Launched on Wednesday, the Smithsonian X 3D Web site serves up a collection of 3D images of artifacts digitally scanned by the museum through a partnership with Autodesk. You canexplore the artifacts in detail by manipulating their images via mouse on your computer or via finger on a supported touch-screen device.

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Facebook Launches Open Academy To Give Kids College Credit For Open Source Contributions | TechCrunch

A perfect GPA isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? Advancing an open source project. To help computer science students prepare for jobs (and boost its own recruiting efforts) Facebook today publicly launched Open Academy. The partnership with premier CS universities sets up a special class where students get college credit for contributing to open source projects.

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News: Education & Technology, Librarianship

Education & Technology

With MakerBot Academy, the 3-D Printing Movement Aims for Schools | AllThingsD
The company announced on Tuesday an initiative to begin seeding its Replicator 3-D printing machines inside of K-12 schools across the U.S. The effort comes in partnership with DonorsChoose.org, a site that allows public school teachers to make online requests for classroom projects, which are then backed by a Kickstarter-like funding drive.

Twitter goes for the masses with new storytelling feature | CNET
Twitter excels in capturing the “moment” as events happen, but it isn’t great at telling a story. With custom timelines, the company hopes to lure a broader audience by giving it coherent narratives rather than just the raw materials.


How Iran Uses Wikipedia To Censor The Internet | BuzzFeed
A new study from the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School claims that Wikipedia might hold the key to understanding how Iran censors, and controls, the internet. The answer, in four words: with a heavy hand.

News: Books & Publishing, Music & Film

Books & Publishing

BuzzFeed Decides Criticizing Awful Books Is Too Mean | The Atlantic
Put away the hatchets, BuzzFeed book reviewers. The Internet’s foremost listicle-maker will now be taking its ‘No Haters’ policy over to its rising books section, as BuzzFeed’s new books editor said…that he will only accept warm and cuddly book reviews.

Music & Film

Why Video Games Succeed Where The Movie And Music Industries Fail | FastCompany
The video-game industry is projected to grow from $67 billion in 2013 to $82 billion in 2017. At the same time, global movie revenue, both DVD and ticket sales, hit an estimated $94 billion in 2010, down 17% after inflation from 2001. Why is the video-game industry on the ascendance? And are there any lessons that the movie (and to a lesser extent, the music) industry can take from its success?

News: Education & Technology, Librarianship

Education & Technology

Xbox One News: Xbox One’s DRM policy reversal: an oral history | Engadget and Xbox One won’t play 3D Blu-rays — for now | CNET

Intel Has Acquired Kno, Will Push Further Into The Education Content Market With Interactive Textbooks | TechCrunch
We had a tip about, and have now confirmed, Intel’s latest acquisition: Kno, the education startup that started life as a hardware business and later pivoted into software – specifically via apps that let students read interactive versions of digitized textbooks.


News Links

Launching Later This Week: New York Public Library’s Shelley-Godwin Digital Archive | InfoDocket
The archive will offer digital versions of romantic texts.

Blogging Startup Medium Opens to All | AllThingsD
Medium, the blogging startup created by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams, announced on Friday that it is now open for all to use. Newcomers are required to sign in with a Twitter account, and can only post from Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

Metadata: Pinterest and Getty Images Announce Partnership | InfoDocket
Getty Images and Pinterest partner to learn more about the images you pin.

Apple CEO: We’ve locked up 94% of education tablet market | CNET
Tim Cook calls the company’s share in the education arena unheard of in most businesses.

Nielsen to add web viewers to future TV ratings, with a little help from Facebook | Engadget
After several months of testing within the industry, Nielsen is finally ready to reveal its efforts to bake mobile viewing habits into its TV ratings system.

Authors face censorship decision to publish in China | Melville House

Kraków joins UNESCO Cities of Literature | thenews.pl

Yandex Buys KinoPoisk, ‘Russia’s IMDb’, To Move Into Film Search And Recommendation | TechCrunch

Second OverDrive “Big Library Read” Project Includes School Libraries | GoodEReader

Earlier this year, digital content distributor OverDrive partnered with publisher Sourcebooks in an experiment aimed at establishing concrete data on how readers respond in terms of book borrows and book sales to digital titles they check out from their libraries. 

Now, OverDrive is partnering with HarperCollins on a second installment of the project, this time using a children’s book and including school libraries in the experiment. In addition, the audiobook of this title will be available as well at no-cost and with multiple checkouts, just like the digital title.

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Kobo and Free the Children Partner to Advance Literacy of Aboriginal Youth Across Canada | Kobo Cafe

“Toronto, September 17, 2013 – Kobo, a global leader in eReading, and Free The Children, today announced a year-long partnership focused on supporting literacy among Aboriginal youth in Canada. Both organizations share a commitment to making Reading more accessible and are working together to support literacy programs in Aboriginal communities across the country. Kobo has donated 3,500 of its award-winning Kobo Touch™ eReaders as well as $100,000 to develop a program designed to cultivate a love and passion for reading. The program includes a speaking tour to educate youth about literacy in Aboriginal communities and encourage them to explore their own culture through digital reading.”

The Full Story: Kobo and Free the Children Partner to Advance Literacy of Aboriginal Youth Across Canada | Kobo Cafe.