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The code:mobile is Ladies Learning Code’s newest and biggest initiative to inspire and educate Canadian girls and boys to become passionate builders — not just consumers of technology. Think: a travelling computer lab on wheels that will make a cross-Canada journey in 2016 teaching 10,000+ kids to code along the way.

But, it’s more than just a truck or a computer lab. It’s a cross-Canada journey that will bring hands-on, interactive technology education to Canadian youth. We believe that computer programming and other technical skills are a tool of empowerment, and it is our mission at Ladies Learning Code to ensure that all Canadians — particularly women and youth — have access to these learning opportunities.

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Creating the First Cultural #DigitalLibrary in Canada’s North | University of Alberta #libraries #culture

(Edmonton) When you live 400 kilometres from the nearest library, getting information can be a real challenge. Professor Ali Shiri of the University of Alberta’s School of Library and Information Studies is leading a project to address this issue. Together with co-investigator Dinesh Rathi, Shiri and a team of collaborators have begun to bridge the information gap for some of Canada’s most isolated people with a project called Digital Library North.

Currently, people in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region—an area that spans 90,650 square kilometres—must travel to the Inuvialuit Cultural Resource Centre to access hard-copy information. The challenges with distance and winter above the treeline limit the access. The SSHRC-funded project will create a digital library infrastructure to address the unique information needs in Canada’s northern regions over the next three years. READ MORE: Creating the first cultural digital library in Canada’s North | University of Alberta.

Copy of Original #StarWars Script Discovered in UNB Library | CBC News #libraries

Deep in the archives of the University of New Brunswick’s library in Saint John, a famous movie script sat forgotten and collecting dust. It tells the tales of a galaxy far, far away — and no one knows how it got there.

READ MORE: Copy of original Star Wars script discovered in UNB library | New Brunswick | CBC News.

The Great Canadian Copyright Giveaway: Why Copyright Term Extension for Sound Recordings Could Cost Consumers Millions | Michael Geist #copyright

Despite no study, no public demands, and the potential cost to the public of millions of dollars, the government announced that it will extend the term of copyright for sound recordings and performances from 50 to 70 years…

…Canada will extend term without any public discussion or consultation, yet other studies have found that retroactive extension does not lead to increased creation and that the optimal term length should enable performers and record labels to recoup their investment, not extend into near-unlimited terms to the detriment of the public. For Canadian consumers, the extension could cost millions of dollars as works that were scheduled to come into the public domain will now remain locked down for decades.

READ MORE: The Great Canadian Copyright Giveaway: Why Copyright Term Extension for Sound Recordings Could Cost Consumers Millions | Michael Geist.

Access My Info Tool Lets Telecom Subscribers Know If Theyve Been Spied On | HuffPo

Canadians concerned about their online privacy have a new way to find out whether their telecom provider is collecting information about them — and sharing it with third parties like government entities.

The new tool, developed by some of the countrys top privacy experts, makes it easier for Canadians to force their provider to disclose their practices.

“What were trying to do as researchers is identify what kind of data telecommunications companies in Canada collect, obtain, and process, and disclose to third parties,” said Dr. Christopher Parsons, a fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs Citizen Lab.

“But we also wanted to make it easier for Canadians individually to engage in the same sort of action.”

Known as “Access My Info,” the web tool helps create a formal letter which, under Canadian privacy law, telecom companies are legally obliged to respond to within 30 days, the website offering the tool says.

Canadians requesting the information fill out a few basic details about themselves and their telecom provider, and can do so confidentially, the website says.

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Calgary tops Amazons list of most well-read cities in Canada | Calgary Herald

Here’s another way to confound your friends who still harbour wildly silly notions of Calgary as a city driven by good ole boys and Cowboys beer-tub girls: Calgary is the most well-read city in Canada, according to online retailer Amazon.ca.The city moved into the top spot in Amazon’s annual list of Most Well-Read Cities in Canada, measured by compiling sales of print and Kindle e-books from May 2013 to May 2014. Calgary overtook Vancouver, which held onto the No. 2 spot.

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Equinox, First Nation Superhero, Joins Justice League Canada | HuffPost

A 16-year-old First Nations teen from Moose Factory, Ont. is set to join an elite cadre of superheroes that includes Batman and Superman.

DC Comics unveiled Equinox as its newest character to CBC News on Friday. She’s the latest superhero to join Justice League United, a five-issue series penned by Toronto artist Jeff Lemire that will see its first issue released on April 23.

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Video: official trailer for Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten TV series | Quill & Quire

Canadian cable network Space has released the official trailer for Bitten, a television-series adaptation of Kelley Armstrong’s 2001 debut novel.

Published by Random House Canada, Bitten follows Elena Michaels, a Toronto journalist who also happens to be the only existing female werewolf. The fantasy novel turned Armstrong into a best-selling author and kicked off her popular 15-title Women of the Otherworld series. Bitten premieres on Space Jan. 11

via Video: official trailer for Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten TV series | Quill & Quire

Canada’s parks and historic sites now on Google Street View | CBC News

Google/Parks Canada

The Google Maps team visited Banff National Park and about 70 other Parks Canada sites this past spring and summer, collecting imagery using its Street View cars and on foot using its Trekker backpack technology. (Google/Parks Canada)

Hikes through spectacular national parks such as Banff and tours of historic sites such as the Viking settlement at L’anse au Meadows in Newfoundland are now available on Google Street View.

Google and Parks Canada announced today that more than 70 Parks Canada locations across the country can now be explored online.

“From planning a summer vacation to augmenting classroom lesson plans, the partnership between Parks Canada and Google will better connect Canadians to the amazing places and geography that defines this country,” wrote Parks Canada’s Michael White on the Google Canada blog.

Read: Canada’s parks and historic sites now on Google Street View | Technology & Science | CBC News.

Canada Reads 2014 seeks inspirational novels | Quill & Quire

Canada Reads, the CBC’s “battle of the books,” is underway again. The annual radio showdown seeks to elevate one book that all Canadians should read.

This year, advocates will debate not only the best book, but also “the one novel that could change Canada.”

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