Queens Library Tests Job Application Kiosk with Real-Time Video | The Digital Shift

Building on the success of its existing job search and job training programs, the Queens Library recently began testing a new touch-screen job search kiosk at its central branch in Jamaica, Queens. The kiosk is driven by Apploi, a mobile app launched in April 2013 by recruitment software and services provider Innovate CV, and is fully funded and serviced by InnovateCV subsidiary Jobs4Five. Queens Library patrons can create a “passport” profile with essential resume information; search for job openings using a variety of filters including location, company, industry, posting date, keywords, or job titles; and record video responses to questions provided by specific employers, which are then included as part of their application. The kiosks can also be used for real-time video interviews.

Applicants and employers “don’t have to wait a week or two weeks for an interview” after submitting an application. “They can do it right then and there,” explained Joanne King, director of communications for Queens Library.

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How The Informational Interview Helps You Get The Job | Fast Company

People get jobs through connections. If you don’t have any, make them. And then ask yourself these five questions to prep.

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A guide for the informational interview.

Didn’t Get the Job? You’ll Never Know Why | WSJ.com

You aced the interview, your résumé sings, but in the end, you didn’t get the job. Chances are, you’ll never know why.

It is a painful conundrum of the job search process: Rejected candidates want to understand why they didn’t get hired, but employers, fearing discrimination complaints, keep silent. And those who do speak up offer little more than platitudes.

Without specifics, candidates are left to repeat the same mistakes, while hiring managers complain they’re swamped with applicants who miss the mark.

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The HLS Guide to Library School | Simple Book Production

This ebook contains some new content but mostly posts that have appeared previously on the blog. It is not necessarily a compilation of the best of Hack Library School or even indicative of the breadth of our content; instead, we have selected content based on the most practical advice we could give to others to–you guessed it–hack library school. We’ve divided the content into three main sections: Before Library School, During Library School, and After Library School. Within these sections, you will also find sub-sections intended to help organize the content meaningfully.

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The Hack Library School blog is a great resource for library school students. They posts interviews with LIS professionals on employing and interviewing LIS graduates. There are also posts by guest editors. Here’s a direct link to the pdf of the free eBook.

Hack Library School Guide to Library School (PDF)

Surviving the All-Day Interview | Hack Library School

A sizable number of library students graduated in May or over the summer, and many of us were then faced with the prospect of finding that perfect job. Hack Library School has tackled other sides of this topic before, with Madeline’s post on the quick-turn after graduation, and Joanna’s post on eResumes, among others. I wanted to add my perspective after landing a number of all-day on-campus interviews for other jobs and collecting advice from many friends and colleagues I greatly respect. In true librarian fashion, I’ve synthesized their advice and built my own list.

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