This Is Why There Aren’t Enough Women In Tech | ValleyWAG

This Is Why There Aren’t Enough Women In Tech | ValleyWAG
The discussion in the above post includes anecdotal stories of female computer science students and women in technology.

Taking computer science classes as a female post-secondary student, I recall the overwhelming ratio of males to females in classes. There were 5 girls to 45 guys on the first day of Intro to Java, with 2 of the girls dropping the class within a few weeks. When I decided to do a directed study in my final term of my undergrad I had two professors who signed on to guide me. Once of them was a computer science professor and he was never available to help me or provide guidance. That experience was demoralizing and there was a real fear I would not attain a pass for the course and graduate on time. From my experiences since then, I do think it is much harder for women to be hired and advance in technology related careers than men. The issue of culture fit being discussed here begins in university classes. There needs to be more inclusivity and acceptance of women in STEM fields.

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