James Patterson To Donate $1 Million To Indie Bookstores | HuffPosy Books

James Patterson said on “CBS This Morning” that he intended to help children become better readers. His announcement comes at a time when one in every seven American adults reads below a fifth grade level.

The bestselling author of the Alex Cross series said, “It’s so easy to get kids reading.” He offered an anecdote about his own son, stating, “When… Jack was 8, that summer we said ‘Jack, you have to read every day.’ And he said, ‘Do I have to?’ and we said, ‘unless you want to live in the garage.'”

Patterson urged viewers to go to local libraries or local bookstores, then made a surprising announcement: Over the next year, the author will donate $1 million of his own money to local bookstores. The only stipulation? The stores receiving donations must have children’s sections.

Indie bookstores and libraries alike have been receiving their fair share of donations from generous individuals; Last week, the Columbus Metropolitan Library broke ground on a new building thanks to a $1 million donation from one of its previous employees.

via James Patterson To Donate $1 Million To Indie Bookstores | HuffPosy Books.