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When most people think of book clubs, they picture intimate gatherings in living rooms or libraries. People rarely imagine a book club as a collection of GIFsmemes, fan fiction and cosplay, all of which are staples of how readers respond to media in the Internet era. But a new Tumblr blog, Reblog Book Club, wants to give the traditional book club a digital update.

While bloggers have previously hosted book clubs on Tumblr, Reblog Book Club is the first book club that’s founded and moderated by Tumblr itself. Rachel Fershleiser, the microblogging platform’s director of literary outreach, launched the club in September as a way to engage a passionate and diverse online community, but faced challenges in organizing a discussion group.

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3 thoughts on “Can Book Clubs Thrive in the Digital Age? | Mashable

  1. I think that things have just shifted. Many years ago, I belonged to conventional book clubs, but I’m now finding that virtual ones work better. With real life book clubs, I was often finding that members wouldn’t bother to read the book and would just show up to socialize- more of a general “we like books” shared interest. It was often frustrating and difficult to coordinate or keep a group alive. Maybe I was just involved with lame groups! In any case, I feel like the discussions that I’m involved with online foster real discussion amongst people who are actually interested in the topic/book.


    • I have to admit I’m not a big fan of book clubs. I’m too picky about what I read! But I do agree that online book clubs have great content and comments. Although I may not participate myself I have seen book club posts and used them as recommendations for whether to read a book or not. I don’t think anyone one should be forced to read anything. Reading should be for enjoyment if opportunities to discuss come along all the better!


      • That is a huge failing in some of the book clubs I’ve joined..people simply don’t read a book, because someone else picked it.It’s hard when members have dissimilar tastes.


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