Cosplay, Comics, and Geek Culture in Libraries [Blog] by Ellyssa Kroski

Ellyssa Kroski of iLibrarian fame said farewell to the iLibrarian blog in late 2014. iLibrarian was one of my top resources for emerging technologies in libraries and information services. I will miss the iLibrarian posts but am excited about the new website she has launched called Cosplay, Comics, and Geek Culture in Libraries. I’ve participated in coding and medieval times events over the past few years and am surprised at how quickly these events are transitioning into the mainstream. With the increasing popularity and growth of these activities, CCGC in Libraries is sure to be a great resource for librarians and fans of cosplay, comics and geek culture.

Speaking of geek culture, I’ve been watching TNT’s The Librarians series and I guess I’m hooked. It’s silly and over the top but I enjoy the mix of science fiction, mystery and adventure. IMO each episode’s concept/theme is more interesting than the overarching storyline. Cassandra’s outfits are way too distracting though! The remaining 2 episodes of Season 1 air tonight, January 18, 2015, on the Space channel in Canada. 

Via the CCGC in Libraries website.

Welcome everyone to Cosplay, Comics, and Geek Culture in Libraries! This is an exciting time for geeks of all kinds to be involved with libraries as today’s savvy libraries have begun to embrace new ways to engage library patrons such as fandom events, comic book and graphic novel collections, comic cons, cosplay events.

The intersection of these interests with libraries is a perfect match as libraries are striving to develop entertaining and educational new programs and services that will appeal to not only children but young adults as well as “kids at heart” of all ages. And these new programs and resources fit well with the interests of cosplayers who can utilize the equipment in library makerspaces such as 3D printers and sewing machines to create many of their props and costume pieces, as well as comics fans who can come to the library to read comics and graphic novel collections, video and board game enthusiasts who attend library gaming events, and geeks of all types who are drawn to “nerd nights”, Dr. Who marathons, and Harry Potter socials, etc.

I decided to start this blog, not only because I am a self-proclaimed geek, cosplayer, and comics reader and collector myself, but because this is a cutting-edge area of growth in libraries with significant appeal to today’s patrons. I think that there is much that we can do to expand and develop this type of programming and collection development. And I’m not alone. I’ve been joined by a talented group of international writers, librarians, information professionals, and library patrons to provide articles and inspiration to libraries seeking to incorporate cosplay, comics, and geek culture in their libraries!

Library of Congress to Receive Hundreds of Rosa Parks Personal Items | Jezebel

Memorabilia and personal items belonging to late civil rights activist Rosa Parks are set to go on display at the Library of Congress.

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Sure I could have chosen one of the more conventional blogs to repost this news from but I really appreciate the Jezebel POV (general interest women’s website). It’s worth your time checking out. Of all the blogs I follow, Jezebel is the one that provides the most insightful, critical, controversial…and entertaining…commentary. The authors at Jezebel provide a much needed female perspective on current issues, social and cultural events, fashion, technology, etc. Warning content is highly opinionated and at times NSFW. Grab the Jezebel RSS here.

Can Book Clubs Thrive in the Digital Age? | Mashable

When most people think of book clubs, they picture intimate gatherings in living rooms or libraries. People rarely imagine a book club as a collection of GIFsmemes, fan fiction and cosplay, all of which are staples of how readers respond to media in the Internet era. But a new Tumblr blog, Reblog Book Club, wants to give the traditional book club a digital update.

While bloggers have previously hosted book clubs on Tumblr, Reblog Book Club is the first book club that’s founded and moderated by Tumblr itself. Rachel Fershleiser, the microblogging platform’s director of literary outreach, launched the club in September as a way to engage a passionate and diverse online community, but faced challenges in organizing a discussion group.

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Digital Kids: how children are using devices, apps and media in 2013 |

A day-long liveblog covering the latest research, trends and views on childrens changing media habits…blending research links, videos, infographics and snapshots of previous Guardian coverage on children’s changing media habits, as well as some first-hand views from kids.

Includes clinks to media literacy reports, charts, survey results, etc.

Sample of the topics/questions:

  • Can Minecraft create the next generation of quantum scientists?
  • Question: where to start teaching my kids to code?
  • What do tablets do to children’s developing minds?

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Tumblr Opens Reblog Book Club | GalleyCat

Tumblr has launched the Reblog Book Club, its first official book club. The series opens with Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, “a coming-of-age story about fanfiction, family, and first love.”

If you want to join the book club conversation, you can post to your Tumblr with the #reblogbookclub tag or you can follow this link to post on the official Tumblr page. 

via Tumblr Opens Reblog Book Club | GalleyCat.

The Search Principle: Why I leave a paper trail & author a wiki

Twitter recommendations to all Canadian LIS students wanting to build a social network.

via Why I leave a paper trail & author a wiki | The Search Principle blog.

New Librarianship: Librarians « Hack Library School

A good post from Hack Library School questioning exactly what is “New Librarianship” anyways? Quotes the mission of New Librarianship from  The Atlas of New Librarianship website (a companion website to the book).

Coincidentally, The Atlas of New Librarianship is the 2012 ABC-CLIO/Greenwood Award winner for Best Book in Library Literature.

New Librarianship: Librarians « Hack Library School.

FLIF Freedom to Read Week at University of Alberta!

The Future Librarians for Intellectual Freedom are an amazing student group of volunteers at the University of Alberta. They hold events throughout the year in Edmonton promoting intellectual freedom within library and information services. They also arrange community events to help raise awareness about intellectual freedom and social responsibility.

Future Librarians for Intellectual Freedom: Welcome to Freedom to Read Week!.

Dr. Toni Samek teaches courses on special populations and intellectual freedom & social responsibility at The University of Alberta’s School of Library and Information Studies. She just won a National Teaching Fellowship from 3M and the courses she teaches are well regarded and transformative. I would encourage students interested in these topics within an MLIS program to consider the University of Alberta.

Infonista Blog

The Infonista blog is a great resource for topics related to careers in information work. The author seems to post every few weeks.


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