Microsoft Will Soon Bring Back The Start Menu In Windows 8.1 | TechCrunch

Microsoft’s Terry Myerson today announced that Microsoft is “all-in” with the desktop. Indeed, while he wasn’t quite ready to announce Windows 9, he did show off how Windows 8.1 will soon get a new version of the beloved Start menu back.

When Microsoft removed the Start menu, quite a few of its users were upset, and this move did indeed make Windows 8.1 harder to use for many. The new Start menu will combine live tiles and other Metro-influenced UI elements, as well as most of the features still available in the Windows 7 menu.

In the future, all of Microsoft’s Universal Windows apps will also run in a window. That sounds like the company is backing off a bit from its Metro interface on the desktop.

It’s unclear when exactly Microsoft will launch these features, though. As far as we are aware, it will take another update to Windows 8.1 and it’s unclear when exactly this will happen. Read more: Microsoft Will Soon Bring Back The Start Menu In Windows 8.1 | TechCrunch.

This is great news! I provide volunteer computer coaching at my community library and I groan every time a patron comes in for help with Windows 8 (which is often!). The interface is problematic, so bringing back the start button (and hopefully making the metro interface optional) is a very welcome improvement. 

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Will Soon Bring Back The Start Menu In Windows 8.1 | TechCrunch

  1. Good! I’m not sure why Windows, in all their wisdom, decided to have Windows 8, as loaded on a desktop or laptop, mimic a smartphone. I certainly was not a fan of it when Windows released it. It was as if American traffic laws suddenly changed to mandate that all motorists had to drive on the left-hand side of the road. In the future, if Windows wants to change its operating systems so drastically, it should either ease its customers into this change or provide resources for overcoming the inevitable learning curve thereof.


    • Apologies for the tardy response. The release of Windows 8 for tablets and mobile devices made me wonder if Microsoft tested the user experience at all, as the interface is so counterintuitive IMO!


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