Gay #Parenting #Books to be #Banned from Venice #Schools | Telegraph #diversity #kids #reading #censorship

Children’s books about being raised by same-sex parents, including one about a pair of “gay” penguins bringing up a chick, are to be banned in Venice’s schools, as a new mayor stamps a more conservative mark on the World Heritage city. READ MORE: Gay parenting books to be banned from Venice schools | Telegraph.

3 thoughts on “Gay #Parenting #Books to be #Banned from Venice #Schools | Telegraph #diversity #kids #reading #censorship

  1. That’s a shame. The unfortunate thing is that when mentioning Gay, but-sex or scissoring comes to mind. When transgender, we immediately think what a meal of genitalia a transgender person has. I’m Catholic, I find that there is an aggressive anti-Catholic agenda in the media… But there’s a considerably more evil agenda against gays all around the world, which is horrible for those individuals. I feel uncomfortable, but never is there violence against me.

    Hopefully moderates and religious will be able to speak up for the freedom of the press, instead of it being an extremist party lobbying for the book to be published. I’d like to see this book for myself!

    Where do you (readers/writer) place yourselves and what are your opinions?

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