N++, the ‘Perfect’ Video Game that Took 10 Years to Complete | CBC News #gaming #tech

N++, a new video game for PlayStation 4, is the culmination of over a decade of work. Created by the inventers of N and N+ — Metanet Games, the twin dynamos of Mare Sheppard and Raigan Burns who helped put Toronto’s indie game industry on the map a decade ago — N++ is not just inventive and pleasing to the senses. It also has the audacity to set itself up as a game that creative users might play for many years to come.

“The whole premise of the project was that we never want to make another one,” Burns told CBC News. “We want this to be definitive, and to last a lifetime.” Every level takes up only a single screen, but that doesn’t mean the game is short. Sheppard and Burns, along with programmer Shawn McGrath, painstakingly created 2,360 levels for N++. READ MORE: N++, the ‘perfect’ video game that took 10 years to complete | Technology & Science | CBC News.