I am an infophile. Are you? (Renaming this website.)

I have renamed this website to infophile from The Modern MLIS. The new name better aligns with being an established information services professional rather than the library and information services student I was when I first started the blog. I am an infophile (a person who loves information). Personally, I love advising, amusing and informing others about the stories, research and information I have come across. Professionally, I manipulate information for news monitoring purposes and to create classifications and taxonomies. It’s pretty amazing and validating to be able to do something you love every day…and even get paid for it!

I took a hiatus of a few months to decide whether I wanted to continue reposting future librarianship and technology-related news and resources to the LIS community. It can be challenging juggling the work/life balances thing, but I think I have it figured out now. So going forward, I will only be highlighted the coolest, most unique, worthy and must know news to the blog. I hope you will continue to follow me.